Ever Get Tired of Reading the Same Genre all the Time?


That was my response yesterday when Jess asked me this question. My reasoning for it is simple. There are great books released in every genre every year. Which means there are always good books out there to be read, no matter the genre. I’ve stated so many times in the past on this blog that I mostly read crime fiction. I don’t think it’s better than any other genre. I don’t think the authors are inherently more talented. I simply enjoy good detective stories.

This is why I want to write crime fiction. Because of what I’ve read. Because of the authors I’ve come to read so many times. For instance, James Patterson is one of my favorite authors. I know he’s always getting criticized for how his books are written and released, but I’ve never not been entertained by one of his Alex Cross novels and I think I’m ten books in. Robert B. Parker has probably influenced every crime writer out there today, and you can definitely see his influence in their work.

See, I don’t have an issue with someone who reads five different genres or dozens of authors all the time. But I think I do have an issue with someone asking this particular question in a manner that suggests one genre isn’t worthy of being read all the time. Because that’s absurd. No one says anything to those readers who only read classics. Or to all those readers who have a never ending YA TBR list. So don’t sit there and ask me how come I only read mysteries. The funny thing is that I’ve read a few different genres and authors in the last two years. JK Rowling. John Green. Anne Frank. Michael Lewis. So even though I might say I mostly read mysteries, I also dabble in other genres along the way.

So tell me, do you ever get tired of reading books within the same genre all the time? You know my answer.

34 thoughts on “Ever Get Tired of Reading the Same Genre all the Time?

  1. Some of the crime fiction I read, like Mo Hayder, is dark and bleak so at times I’ll need a break but I never tire of the genre. And you are correct that the amount of variety in any one genre is extensive.


  2. I agree with you. I read a lot, and I mean a lot, of history books. I never get tired of reading history books. I don’t think you can ever get tired of reading a certain genre if you are really interested in it.


  3. Nope, I never get sick of it. Similar reasons as yours, but we prefer different genres. It does anger me when people think authors from one genre write better than other genres. All authors are talented in some way. That’s why they’re called artists.


  4. I’ll read anything. You never know what you will learn that way. My husband’s computer magazines, soup cans, cereal boxes, candy wrappers… BTW, if you’re not into reading food labels then don’t start now! Take if from me, you really don’t want to know what junk is lurking there!

    3 favorite genres for me: Science fiction, Historical fiction, and History.


  5. I don’t get tired of reading my favorite genres, usually thrillers or classics. I would probably have trouble reading a lot of romance books or science fiction back to back. I do enjoy them from time to time but I’d want to get back to my favorite’s.


  6. I am disloyal in terms of genre but do read a lot of murder mysteries 🙂 I think there is such a wide range of talent in that field. My first murder mystery ever was P D James’s (RIP) ‘Shroud for a Nightingale.’ Recently I finished the ten part Martin Beck series. I also love Robert Parker’s light and breezy style. And John, your book is on my reading list.


    • Murder mysteries, serial killers, and any other kind of police procedural is perfect for me. Which is your favorite series by Robert B Parker?

      If you hate my book, don’t hate my blog. Haha


  7. I mostly read fantasy, and there was a three year span where I point blank refused to read anything else. Mostly epic fantasy, some urban fantasy, yada yada. Before that, I read EVERYTHING, with a preference towards fantasy, and lately I’ve been branching out into realistic YA fiction and sci-fi. Also superheroes. Superheroes are cool.



  8. I love thrillers that have a hint of mystery in them and I don’t think I’ll ever be tired of reading them, even if I’ve gotten good at recognizing the tropes and the storylines. It doesn’t matter if the books become predictable or not, they’re still enjoyable.

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  9. I mix it up, but I do admit I read an overwhelming amount of sci-fi, fantasy, and the classics. And no, I never get tired of them. I might get tired of a certain author within a genre, but not the genre in and of itself. I feel like this question is a bit like “do you ever get tired of produce?” Really? Like, the entire produce section? No, though I occassionally get tired of, say, apples.


      • Basically the same for me. I chain read series(bad habit. Lol). About 3/4 of the way through the complete sherlock holmes, it was still good, but I was sick of reading it. Doesn’t mean I was sick of the genre, just that the characters and I were out of the
        honeymoon period and needed to spend some time apart, or grit our teeth until we fell back into love.


  10. Heck to the no! I never get tired of reading the same genre. I branch out occasionally but I love my YA 🙂 I’m actually reading a book that’s considered British Literature for the genre…


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