Books in Happy Meals? McDonald’s Says yes


Do you live in Utah, western Wyoming, or eastern Nevada? Yes? Do you happen to have a child who likes McDonald’s Happy Meals? Yes again? Well I have news for you! McDonald’s, for the second consecutive year, is giving out children’s books in Happy Meals! You can say whatever you want about the food or the service or whatever, but there’s nothing negative to be said about this program, except to ask how come it isn’t happening nationwide.

Last year McDonald’s gave away, wait for it…17 MILLION books during a two-week period! *insert any happy emoji here* That’s insane. INSANE! That’s a lot of books in the hands of a lot of children. And who doesn’t like Happy Meals to begin with? I remember the four piece chicken nugget with the toy and the drink. I bet you do too.

If you live within the area of this program, then you better get out to your local McDonald’s and buy a Happy Meal. Cause you probably have kids. If not, maybe you have a small appetite and a Happy Meal is a sufficient amount of food for you. I don’t know. Just participate. The giveaway lasts from January 9-22. So you still have time! Go get some children’s books!

The four books that are being given away are If you Give a Mouse a CookieBig Nate: In a Class by HimselfPete the Cat and his Magic Sunglasses, and Flat Stanley Goes Camping. All books will come with a related activity book. Now go.

23 thoughts on “Books in Happy Meals? McDonald’s Says yes

  1. That’s probably the best Happy Meal Prize McDonald’s has ever given from what I know. I also remember not long ago, General Mills also gave out books in their cereal boxes, which I thought was neat too.


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