2015: The Year of the Reading Challenge

I have a personal reading challenge each year to read 50 books. But this year I’ve seen so many different reading challenges floating around WordPress that I’m growing dizzy. I’m used to seeing people talk about their Goodreads challenges because those are their own goals, but I really don’t remember seeing so many posts at the beginning of 2014 about this challenge and that one. Maybe there’s some reason for this that I’m unaware of or maybe I still had no idea what I was doing on WordPress 12 months ago that I was simply out of the loop.

I’ve looked over a few of the challenges and they’re okay. I don’t think they’d really interest me because I’m not going to let some website or blogger tell me what I should be reading, unless I conduct a poll of my readers, that is. I’d like to think I can accomplish the goal of being well read just fine on my own without a very definitive list leading the way. But eh, I think I’m in the minority here based on the posts I’ve come across.

So, are you participating in a reading challenge this year? I am. It’s called the “John Guillen Finally Reads 50 Books in a Single Calendar Year Reading Challenge.” Here are just a few of the ones I’ve come across, with the PopSugar one easily the most popular.

If I hit my follower goal for the year, then I may just come up with one of these for next year. Wouldn’t even matter how many people actually participated. It would just be another way for me to interact with you all.



2015RantChicReadingChallenge1 (1)


24 thoughts on “2015: The Year of the Reading Challenge

  1. These are interesting, but I’m of the same opinion as you. I’m fairly well read right now, and I read enough each year that my only “goal” is to read every week. It doesn’t always happen every day. Usually, that gets me quite a few books read. I’m not one for reading challenges. If I don’t think I’ll like a book, I’m not going to read it. End of story.


  2. Ive never done a reading challenge but i love the idea of the reading bingo! Its a fun way of maybe trying something different. After all, a book with a blue cover could be absolutely anything :0)


  3. I’m doing a reading challenge this year. The bingo sure looks fun, though. Last year I did get 50, and I hope to make another 50 this year. Depends on how much manga I read. Good luck!


  4. I really like the idea of having challenges, but I use them more as an idea booster. Like if I’m having trouble deciding what to read next, I might look at a challenge list to help me decide.


  5. I figure I’ve spent enough of my life reading things other people want me to read. Now, I’m open to suggestions, but ultimately just read what I’m in the mood for. Since I read from two books in any given day (a traditional book on lunch break, and an e-book before bed), I sort of feel like the number doesn’t matter anymore. I read because I enjoy it, after all, so why make a job out of it?.

    The bingo idea is cute, but as I read through it, it’s actually not as big of a challenge as it at first seems – the two books I’m reading at the moment cover 11 of those little boxes all on their own; there are only 25 boxes. If two books covers half of them, you can fly through those bingo boxes before you even realize you’ve done it. (and I happen to have a blue covered book two feet away that I can blow through in about an hour, which covers 4 of the other ones, by sheer chance. lol.) Yeah, I could might totally finish the bingo challenge, but if I do, it will be by accident. 🙂


      • Sure, but then, when you pick one up that fits several of the categories, which box do you check? It becomes pretty arbitrary. Like, if you’re reading a best seller by a female author that is non-fiction, for example, that’s 3 that you have to pick from without even really stopping to think about it. Too much work for me, all that deciding what to count and what to ignore for an arbitrary internet checklist. 🙂


      • If you’re like me, you already have a waiting list ten miles long without the challenge though. It’s like multitasking. Lol. I’d spend way too much time trying to match books to squares. I’ll just stick to reading what I feel like reading. It’s lower maintenance. 🙂


  6. I need to grab one of those and get started. I used to read constantly, but since I started writing I’ve stopped reading. There’s too much stuff to distract me, especially the internet. I really do have to get back to it.


  7. I think it’s good to let go of the rules and numbers and ready what and when you like! too much noise and chatter around these challenges – just makes more work when you could be reading!!


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