Today is Super Bowl Sunday…Who ya Got?


Most of y’all know of my great interest in all things books. That’s pretty obvious based on what I blog about. But I don’t think hardly any of y’all know about my love for sports. I’m not going to tell you about my playing days, because that’s not why I love sports. I love sports because I can’t remember not. I remember watching the final of the 1999 FIFA Women’s World. Cup live. I remember watching game 7 of the 2001 World Series live. I remember watching the Red Sox end their World Series drought live. I remember watching the greatest tennis match of all time in 2008 at the Wimbledon final between Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer live. And I remember watching the Texans win their first ever playoff game in 2012 against the Cincinnati Bengals.

See, there are so many more sports moments I could name, but these stand out for me. And I know more than any person I know. Basketball. Baseball. Football. Tennis. I know all of it. So obviously I’m interested in today’s Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks. I’ll be right there watching with the other 110 million people in America, or however many viewers the game ultimately draws.

Here’s my take, though I won’t be making a game prediction. The Seahawks were outplayed more than three quarters of the NFC title game. Their offense didn’t hardly do anything besides Marshawn Lynch. Russell Wilson struggled against a Packers defense that’s been in the middle of the league during both the regular and postseasons. But that’s to be expected. No one ever said the Seahawks had a high flying offense.

And now you have to take into account the fact that the Seahawks secondary is banged up. Three starters are injured, though all will play today. The consensus has been that none of the injuries are serious, but could it affect their play enough to give Brady and co. a shot a the title? That, we won’t know until the game begins.

Lastly, we have Brady playing in his sixth Super Bowl. Sixth. He could become the third quarterback of all time to win four rings. I’m not rooting for either team, but I’d say I’d rather see a guy become the third QB to win four Super Bowls rather than a team be the first to repeat in a decade. But that’s just me.

Who ya got in today’s game? And don’t say either team just because you might be from their city. Give me some analysis.

7 thoughts on “Today is Super Bowl Sunday…Who ya Got?

  1. “Time Out”…This spectator will be “Tackling Laundry” during a Canadian snowstorm. Hope the weather is nicer where you are. šŸ™‚ Tears and Cheers!


  2. We enjoyed a Super Bowl party last night. My hubby watched the game with his friends while I had fun in another room with the other wives. This is my idea of sports: Have fun with the girls. At home during a sports event I sit beside my hubby and play solitaire on my phone. Yawn. Blessings to all you sports fans. I admire your enthusiasm. Blessings to you, John…


  3. Total football fan, here! I live an hour from Green Bay, not that it matters where you live when you love our Packers. I went to a Packer/Texans game in Houston a few years ago and Packer fans were louder than Texans. Same in San Diego, I live near there for over 20 years and managed to go to 4 games. Packer fans are loud at all games!
    Not a Pats fan so was disappointed in last nights outcome. Russell Wilson was a Badger, after all. I watched as we played World of Warcraft. If my Packers were playing, there would be no distractions. Love football. I am commissioner of my Fantasy League for the last 4 years.


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