You’d be Crazy to use Kindle Convert


When I first found out about this new Amazon program it had me scratching my head. I was literally lying in bed scratching my head as I read a few articles about it. Kindle Convert does exactly what you might think after reading its name. It enables you to convert your physical books into Kindle eBooks. Guess how? By scanning them, page by page into the program.

I have to admit that I have no idea who at Amazon came up with this program. Or why it’s offered to the public at all. This is a joke. Seriously. Even if you have a typical 300 page book it’ll take hours to scan it. All for what? So you can read it on your Kindle? That is, if you somehow manage to do everything correctly in the process. I’ve known a few people to own both the Kindle and print version of books, but I’ve never really seen the point of that. I mean, if you REALLY have to be able to read a particular book at your every location, then take the damn thing with you. Or are you going to give me some excuse about it being too heavy or bulky?

I have no idea why Amazon would release Kindle Convert to the public, but suffice it to say that I have no interest whatsoever in downloading the software. You can view the Amazon product page here.

23 thoughts on “You’d be Crazy to use Kindle Convert

  1. Wow, I’ve never heard of this before, it sounds so utterly pointless! just buy the book on the Kindle to start with, or read it in print form! It’s not rocket science!
    I have both Kindle and print versions of books- sometimes if I really like a book on my Kindle, I’ll buy a physical copy because I worry that if Amazon folds or something, I’ll be left without a book I really love. Silly reasoning, but that’s me. Another reason I’ll have both is if my physical copy is falling apart/antique/too precious that I don’t want to damage it by reading my real copy and lugging it about in my bag.

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  2. I am one of those people who owns the paper and kindle versions of books.. Only a few books. 10 at most. The reason? I have muscle weakness and my kindle is significantly lighter than a 700 page book so I can still read my favourites when my arms are bad. But there’s no way I would bother scanning that many pages. And for the average reader I can’t see any benefit at all.


  3. I’m an eBook publisher so I convert for others as I edit. For me, when I write my novella series, since novellas are so perfect for Kindle, I write in the format from the get-go. It’s so easy to change format with the click of a few buttons in MS Word or MS Publisher. Yes, really an absurd service.


  4. I used to scan or copy coursebooks for uni from overnight loans, so I guess it’d make sense to scan if you need to store books for studying/reference. I can’t imagine paying for something like this though, because you could do that for free on your computer/tablet…


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