Little Free Libraries Have Come Under Fire


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This is a joke. No other words to describe what’s happening in a few cities across America. But first, let me explain to you what Little Free Libraries are. Usually someone puts them outside their home, but they can be anywhere. They’re small structures full of books. And anyone can walk up and take one out on the premise that they will put one back in. It’s literally a little library. I only know about them because I backed a Kickstarter project for some back in 2013.

Well recently in cities all over America people have decided to complain about the Little Free Library in their area. And local leaders and politicians are not handling these “complaints” with any common sense whatsoever. In Los Angeles and Shrevepoet politicians are ordering for some of these wonderful little libraries to be taken down. Because they violate city codes.

I have nothing against city codes and ordinances because in most cases they serve a valid purpose, but I don’t think anyone writing said codes ever meant for them to be used to take down these Little Free Libraries. This is absurd. I just read story after story of people coming together around their neighborhood Little Free Library. They stop and discuss books they’ve read. They make sure to put quality books back in. They get to know their neighbors for the first time. But most importantly, they’re reading! And some ignorant people want to complain and get these taken down? Come on. Seriously.

I don’t know what’s going to happen with Little Free Libraries, but the people who feel the need to complain about them are doing no one any good at all.

PS: I’ve read about some local lawmakers trying to give Little Free Libraries an exception to city codes. Go them!

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41 thoughts on “Little Free Libraries Have Come Under Fire

  1. How ridiculous. Those ignoramuses are destroying a perfect way to encourage literacy and growth in our communities. Those little libraries are such a wonderful idea, who in their right mind (and they’re probably not) would be threatened by literacy? That’s such an archaic fear, it deserves disdain. Boo to those crazies trying to tear down such a wonderful addition to community life? Idiots.

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  2. I’ve never heard of this until now… But that’s so cool! Lol, not that they are trying to force them to take them down, but that they exist. — I wanna make one now. πŸ™‚ Only I currently live out in the country & no one would stop by my little library. — That’s okay, I’ll keep it on my to-do list for when we move eventually. πŸ™‚


  3. I think it’s such a great idea! I’ve never seen one over here, but I know a street in the city where someone has put a little bookcase up with a similar idea in mind, only it’s for the many homeless people who live in the area. I think it’s fabulous and have taken a few books there myself.
    I swear some politicians aren’t even human. What could possibly be bad about the sharing of literature and ideas?!


    • Then you should build one! What could be bad about sharing of literature and ideas? I don’t have the answer to that. But I do like the bookcase of books you described. Another great idea.


      • Hardly anyone goes down my street unless they live there, so it probably wouldn’t work… plus it can be a bit of a dodgy area for vandals, knowing the kids up the road, I’d end up yelling at them for setting it on fire or something =( Ironically, they are the ones who most need literature too.
        Yeah I thought it was a great idea! The homeless need books too!


      • Hm. Too bad then. Cause it would be pointless to build one and then have to really keep your eye on anyone using it. Kinda defeats the purpose.

        Everyone needs books!


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