Stop Saying Barnes and Nobles

How hard is it? Something I see almost every single day is other bloggers talking about going to “Barnes and Nobles”. And I just don’t get it. Do you say you’re going to Wal Marts? Or that you’re going to Targets? Or maybe Books-a-Millions? No to all three of those? Oh. That’s surprising.

The next time you go to your neighborhood Barnes and Noble store, stop and take a look at the name on the outside of the building. Take a second to read it as it is written and not as you’ve been saying it for the last ten years. And then once you do that, stop adding that stupid “s” to the end.

22 thoughts on “Stop Saying Barnes and Nobles

  1. Something tells me the mind that insists on adding the “s” will just assume, if taking your advice, that the sign-maker left out a letter…. πŸ˜‰

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  2. This is great! In Maine, where there are no “R’s” in words where there show be (ie Mainah, cah, pahk), “R’s” are added at the end. For example you can pay with your Visar card, or drink a sodar. Amen to those pushing correct pronunciations! I feel your pain!


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