What Would you do if you Didn’t Have Books?

I’d just die. Okay, kidding.

Honestly, I’d pretty much be exactly the same. Shocker. I like reading and books and everything that goes with them, but I already spend many more hours in front of my TV than I do reading or talking about books. Y’all know I watch every single game of the Astros, Texans, and Rockets. That’s a lot of hours. And that doesn’t even include all the nationally televised games that don’t include any of my hometown teams.

Besides my obsession with sports, I like TV shows. I watch a million different shows. I usually have something set to record every day of the week except for Saturday. And there’s Bosch on Amazon and House of Cards. I just can’t get enough TV.

So if I didn’t have books I’d just find my entertainment elsewhere. Because at the end of the day that’s what reading is to me, entertainment. But what would YOU do if you didn’t have books?

37 thoughts on “What Would you do if you Didn’t Have Books?

  1. Lose it…the value of reading is deeper than transcribed television. Either way, thanks for the great thoughts! If you’re ever interested in some other great musings and book reviews, be sure to follow! Thanks!!!


  2. I’d probably gain 2,000 pounds because I’d focus on one of my other favorite hobbies, pretending like I’m a gourmet chef and acting like I’m a fabulous baker. And yes, I have to sample everything I make. So, yeah… I’d probably be humongous.
    Or, I’d weigh 90 pounds because I’d have way more time to hit the gym, hike the trails, swim the lake, and do a triathlon.
    Or, I’d travel everywhere I possibly could to make up for the lack of education and culture I’d usually get from reading so much.
    But let’s be realistic. It would totally be the cooking thing. Yup.


  3. Maybe I’d do more arts and crafts, or maybe I’d start writing. But if all my books disappeared tomorrow and I couldn’t get anymore, I’d be an empty shell. Reading is my main form of entertainment….it’s such a huge part of my life!


  4. Unlike you, I watch almost no TV, so most of my entertainment is what I provide for myself, and reading is a huge part of that. I like to garden, play piano and sing, and do some crafts, so I would probably spend more time doing those things, but I would miss books terribly, all the same. Although, If I never had any books to begin with, then I wouldn’t know what I was missing, would I?


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