Writing Pet Peeves #7: Lose/Loose

This is another of those mistakes that I’ve only seen since getting on WordPress. During my years in high school and college I never once heard of people mistaking these two words. Never. But the WordPress community has a life of its own and these two words seem to be a major part of it.

I don’t typically see “lose” written in place of “loose.” But I see the other way around ALL the time. And I just want to pull my hair out. I”m really starting to think that everyone on WordPress went to the same school and had the same teacher who never adequately explained some of the mistakes that I see made all the time. Because there are some mistakes that one would expect to be made every so often just as mistakes, but just about every post in this series is a mistake I would not expect to see made over and over again by bloggers who are constantly writing on their blogs. Sure not everyone writes well, but this isn’t about writing well. This is about elementary level mistakes that people seem to be completely unaware of.

I guess I’ll just have to keep “loosing” my mind about it to bring about some change and awareness. Do you ever see these two words used interchangeably?

On this day in 2014 I published Finally Overcoming the Inability to Write.


29 thoughts on “Writing Pet Peeves #7: Lose/Loose

  1. That one drives me bonkers, too. I have a couple readers who catch my typos (which are typically just that… typos… not blatant misuse of words). I go back and fix them. Then I typically keep those mistakes in mind when proofing subsequent posts.

    I had a friend-and-aspiring-author tell me a while back, “I’m really bad with grammar.” All I could think was… then go take a class. Read a book. Educate yourself. Improve. It’s fine to be wrong. But it’s not ok to keep repeating the same mistakes. Imagine if doctors waved off their inadequacies as easily as some writers do. “Bah, so I always miss when making that gall bladder incision. What’s an extra couple scars?”


  2. I’ll admit that I saw this for the first time just after I finished my Master’s degree, on a fundraising mailing sent by the alumni association. I was working as an editor/publisher then, and remember turning red with sympathetic embarrassment for whoever paid to print and send it, standing there at the mailboxes and thinking “please don’t tell anyone you know me, let alone that I just paid you for education…” I’ve seen it much more frequently since.


    • Haha that’s terrible. We’re the same. I honestly don’t think I saw it during high school or college and then I start blogging and I’m constantly hit in the face with it.


  3. Now, Wordsmith, don’t loose your mind over this. 😛

    Though, I have to say, it’s remarkable how many writers, especially academic ones, get this wrong. Hello! You’re an academic writer!! Get it right! Right?
    I graded undergraduate papers when I was a grad student and I could barely make it a page without one of these horrendous mistakes. And it just kept happening. Wah!!


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