Ever Read Sports Books?

Fiction. Non-fiction. Sometimes there’s even a bit of mystery involved. I really don’t. Which is a little odd when you think of the fact that I can only be described as being obsessed with sports. But there are a few that I’ve wanted to read for some time now. Friday Night Lights is probably right at the top of that list. You know, the book that the great, great movie was based off of.

Now that I’m sitting here thinking about it, that might be the only one. Interesting. One would expect me to have a list a lot longer than one, right? Especially with the number of athletes who have “written” their own books. I might not be a fan of those particular types of books, but most are simply biographies.

I’ve only read a couple of sports books off the top of my head, which is surprising. But that’s just how things happen sometimes. What about you? Do you read sports books? Biographies. Fiction. No-fiction.

PS: this post was written to coincide with today being MLB Opening Night!

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23 thoughts on “Ever Read Sports Books?

  1. “Into Thin Air” by John Krakauer is a book I could not put down. It is about an ill fated Mount Everest trek that had people die and some terribly injured. It is a riveting look at the world of mountain climbing and the dangers of commercializing Mount Everest.


  2. Hi John: I’m a Canadian poet and didn’t pay too much attention to sports until I was challenged to write some sports-themed poems. Who would have known that four years later that a traditional publisher would fall in love with those poems and publish a full-collection of them? Sometimes it pays to accept a challenge and think outside the box. Wishing you much success with your writing career. 🙂


  3. I can’t remember any specific books I’ve read on sports. Books with sports in them, sure, but not ones based solely on sports. The only one that’s on my TBR list is “The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game” by Michael Lewis. The book the movie “The Blind Side” is based on.


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