If you Could Meet one Author, who would it be?

I really mean author/writer/poet. Past or present. Dead or alive.

If you glance over at my Bookish Bucket List you’ll see that there are a few authors I want to meet. It’s a nice little list of different authors, but there’s one I’d like to meet over all the rest. I talked about him yesterday. Robert B. Parker.

He’s influenced the entire genre that is detective fiction. I can see bits of his characters and style in most detective stories I read. And I’ve read interviews from bestselling authors of today who admit that their detectives were heavily influenced by Spenser. Parker shaped the modern detective story like no one else has.

But the thing is that I wouldn’t want to pick his brain about his characters or stories or any of that stuff. I’d just want to have a conversation with him. About anything. I might ask him about his family. Or about why he started writing in the first place. Or what he viewed as his single greatest accomplishment, writing-related or otherwise. I’d simply want to get to know the man behind one of the great characters of the last fifty years. But at no point would I ask for writing advice, because he’s more than just an author to me. He managed to influence me without ever knowing it in many more things besides my own writing.

What about you? If you could meet one writer/author/poet from any period, who would it be?

On this day in 2014 I published Listen While you…Write?.


50 thoughts on “If you Could Meet one Author, who would it be?

  1. Contemporary Author: Neil Gaiman
    Poet (well, master of lyrics): Maynard James Keenan (preferably at his vineyard,where we would drink wine and talk about ALL THE THINGS)
    Historical Author: Too many to list, but probably at the top would be Louisa May Alcott and Geoffrey Chaucer.

    I know, that’s more than one. But I don’t follow rules.


      • Yeah, I’m showing my age… Well, first off, abandon your “I don’t take reading suggestions” rule and go pick up something written by Neil Gaiman. Because you’re seriously missing out. Then… ok, depends on your musical tastes, I guess… but find yourself a copy of any of Tool’s albums. Listen. Read the lyrics. Amazing stuff. Truly. They started off in ’92 with an album titled Opiate. They’ve only made 5 albums in 23 years. Why? Because they feel they need to grow as people before they can contribute anything meaningful, musically speaking. And lastly, you never had to read Little Women? I thought that novel was forced upon everyone in school. LOL


      • Haha no. I’ve gone this long without ever reading any of his work. Not interested. And they don’t sound country so I probably won’t like them.

        And nope. Never read that. Was never forced to, either.


  2. I’d like to meet George Orwell – I researched him for my dissertation and he had a very exciting life and was very brave. I’d also like to meet Derek Landy, author of Skulduggery Pleasant, because that guy is hilarious.


  3. J.R.R. Tolkien. No question. He created one of the most intricate fantasy universes in literary history. Plus, he invented about a dozen new languages! GAH! Yeah… he’s my literary hero, for sure.


  4. L. Ron Hubbard. Not for starting Scientology although that deserves a smack in the head but for writing the book that spawned the movie Battlefield Earth. A swift kick in the nutsack to him.
    Hmmm, as soon as it’s over Callaghan regrets his impulsive choice and wishes he could have had a chat with Stephen King.


  5. Terry Pratchett, although I think I might get too tongue tied to say anything, feel like a fool and wish I’d just kept to worshipping from afar.


  6. I would definately like to meet Edgard Allan Poe. Im in love with his stories and poetry, and i just love his style of writing. he has influenced so many other genres than the one he writes. he touched every part of your feelings!


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