Copy & Pasting Poetry

As I’m sure you’re well aware, there are MANY bloggers on WordPress who post original poetry. As in the point of their blog is to share their poetry. I actually like these poetry blogs because it gives me something to shoot for when I post my own, though I still think all of mine have been average. But I’m not talking about these blogs.

Have you ever come across a blog that shares poems each day that are NOT their own work? For example, if you scroll through their posts you might find some Robert Frost, Poe, Sylvia Plath, and others. There is NO original content. There are no original poems. There is nothing but an archive of random poems written by famous poets. I’m no authority on what does or does not make a good blog, but I have an opinion just like everyone else.

I understand that people sometimes struggle to find something to blog about, but I see no point in searching the internet for random poems and then copy and pasting them into your editor and calling them blog posts. They aren’t. This is exactly the same as those bloggers who do the same thing with writing quotes. Both practices are unoriginal and boring.

What do you think of these copy and pasting bloggers?

On this day in 2014 I published 15 Reasons to Read This Post!. For anyone who has been around my blog for less than six months, you might want to read this. It’s just random facts about your favorite blogger!


22 thoughts on “Copy & Pasting Poetry

  1. I’d have to agree. My blog is a compilation of personal experiences that I wish to share with an audience, and I wouldn’t exactly still call it my “blog” if I went on posting writings that weren’t mine. I doubt people who do that have bad intentions, but personally, I don’t think it makes a blog worth reading.

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  2. I agree 100%. I have heaps of anthologies and can look up these poems when the moment calls for it. I can even find them on the internet. If someone wants to have a poetry blog, they better write some poetry or I’ll lose interest.
    John, you’re doing a fantastic poetry job. Keep it up!

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  3. I confess to posting writing quotes on occasion- but I think I’ve done it three times, maybe. All other posts have been mine… except a couple of reblogs.
    What’s your stance on reblogging?

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      • I’m so glad I’m not the only one :). I don’t do it often, but there are times when I read something so great, I just want to share. It feels like paying a tribute to a fellow blogger.

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    • I don’t see the point of reblogging at all. Why not just start a post with something like “I read this post (with link) on blah blah the other day and it really got me thinking.” That’s what I do.

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      • Yeah, I get that. But there are blogs I love that I really want other people to love too, and making such a big deal of them, by leading others to them in such an obvious way, is a way of doing it. It’s a compliment- I’d love it if someone wanted to reblog one of my posts.
        Do you dislike it when people reblog your posts?


      • But reblogs don’t really get people reading them. If I had to guess I’d say my posts have been reblogged maybe 75-100 times. More or less. And the views that have come from those reblogs is minimal. I don’t dislike it, but I just think I wrote something decent.


  4. If an entire blog is based on works from authors without any original content attached to it, then I agree wholeheartedly. “Copy and pasting” bloggers baffle me. The same goes for those who create Instagram accounts that compile images that are not their own. It’s extremely irritating, especially when they have more followers than those that post original content. It’s quite sad. (Sorry, I had to rant about that!)

    However, if they are posting a poem or quotes written by an author as an addition to their own post for inspiration or what have you, I don’t see the issue. 🙂

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    • Haha I don’t have an Instagram account, but that sounds dumb. And yes, the blogs I’m referring to are ONLY poems written by other poets. I’m not complaining about those who post a quote or at the beginning or end of their posts.

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  5. I don’t think I’ve ever posted someone elses writing and have only reblogged something once. I have followed bloggers who only seem to post othef people’s blogs but then I quickly unfollow them. Not my thing. I wonder if this is done to appear as though the blogger is posting every day?


    • Reblogs? I don’t think so. I’ve seen bloggers who reblog several posts a day. I’ve never reblogged anything. What’s the point? Why not just post your own thoughts and link to the other one?

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  6. I value blogs that contain original content. But to be honest, I do post quotes that are not always (and as of way late) my own. Although I strive to post and blog original content and that is the purpose of my blog, sometimes I am inspired by random quotes that I think others might find inspiring too. But maybe I need to try harder and come up with my own quotes 🙂


  7. I’ve actually found my own original poetry posted on someone else’s blog without a link back to mine. That bugs me, too. I, on rare occasion, will post someone else’s poem with my commentary added. I’ve also posted psalms or parts of psalms, but always with my thoughts about the psalm as part of the post.


  8. To be honest, i find such blogs not worth following or even reading because i can open any site or book in my case and read that one poem i want to read. Id rather read original work in a blog because blogs are made for someone to share his own thoughts when he/she writes. i mean sometimes i put up music videos that arent mine but thats not the same case because i write my own essays on my blog and sometimes that music video suits the essay or is a song i like so much i want to share. I mean why bother open a blog if you don’t have an original plan for it?!?!?!


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