Should Individual States Have a State Book?

If your state is the same as Texas, then you likely have various “___ of the state”. Like the state flower or the state motto or whatever it may be. My question to you is if you think states should have a state book?

My answer is sure. So long as the state book isn’t the Bible or some crap. I’m sure it’d be pretty easy to find an important book, fiction or not, set or about the state that would more qualify to be the state book of any state. For example, I could easily see To Kill a Mockingbird as the state book of Alabama. And if you go state by state you could easily find books for all 50 states.

An issue arises when lawmakers try to make a game of the whole thing. If the goal is to declare a book as the state book, then do it. If the goal is to draw attention to the state because it’s making a mockery of the process, then there really is no point.

What do you think? Should states have a state book? What do you think of states perhaps trying to name religious texts as the state book?

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25 thoughts on “Should Individual States Have a State Book?

  1. First off, I’m done with all these asshat politicians making religious plays in politics. They serve very little purpose other than making the politicians look like neglected five-year-olds, jumping up and down going “LOOK AT ME!”

    As for a state book… or a state anything… I don’t see the point beyond catch-phrases on tourism literature. It certainly isn’t something we should be spending tax money on… you know, instead of, say… education, or infrastructure improvements. As humans, we spend an inordinate amount of time attempting to pigeon-hole ourselves with one-line definitions. States are large and diverse. It would seem that today’s primary political aspiration is to squash that “diverse” idea as hard as possible.

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      • If it’s coming up in session, and it’s being discussed in committee, then resources are being thrown at it. Then, if they do implement it, then they have to print literature about it, maybe carve a few statues, and pay to have it added to state textbooks. Nothing is free, especially when the government is involved.


      • Think of the number of bills that are considered each legislative session in every state. Adding one changes absolutely nothing.
        Statues? LOL at that. And state textbooks are new every what, 5-10 years? Adding information about a state book is going to make those new textbooks SO much more expensive. Yeah.


  2. Interesting question and provoking idea…
    I am sure many of the States would indeed make religious books their choice -on which I have no opinion but I can see quite a fuss arising.
    This reminds me of Hollywood’s “Star” plaques. To me it’s a similar idea -each State (or, come on Provinces too -I am Canadian after all 😉 ) could easily choose an award-winning author from said State or Province.


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