The Harry Potter Alliance Launches Annual Accio Books Book Drive

I’d never heard of the Harry Potter Alliance (HPA) until I read about their annual campaign recently. But I won’t go heavily into describing them because either you know about the organization or you don’t. I don’t think it should have any effect on your opinion of their annual book drive.

The goal of the book drive is to give as many books as possible to children and families who otherwise wouldn’t have access to them. This year the drive is helping three organizations build libraries in their communities. Operation Breakthrough in Kansas City. Borderline Books in Gateshead, England. And Borderline Books in Leiden, the Netherlands. The goal is to raise 60,000 books for the three organizations in the two months from April 2 -June 2.

This kind of goes back to my post from yesterday in which I described a man in Colorado who had thousands of books and got rid of them by dumping them on the side of the highway. I bet if he’d gotten in contact with HPA that they could have figured out a way for him to donate those books. The best part of this whole thing is that HPA is aware of how costly it can be to ship books, so they help you if you’re someone who has dozens or even hundreds of books you’re trying to get rid by suggesting local causes or organizations to donate to. This is a great way to get people reading who otherwise likely wouldn’t.

If you’re interested in donating books just click here to visit their website to learn more. As of the writing of this post they have raised over 10,000 books.

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5 thoughts on “The Harry Potter Alliance Launches Annual Accio Books Book Drive

  1. This guy could not have been a book lover who would have thought of his own kind before dumping books in such a silly spot.


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