Supporting Writers

Every blogger on WordPress is in the business of telling everyone else on the site what they SHOULD do about something. It’s a little funny at times. Anyway, one of the things I see discussed over and over is how you’re supposed to support other writers.

Some would have you simply give encouragement. Some would have you beta read for them. Some would have you buy their books. Some would have you buy and review their books. Some would have you use your own social media accounts to drive attention toward the writer in question. Some would have you attend a book signing. Do you see what’s happening here? There are a number of ways to support other writers. You don’t have to do one thing or another just because that seems to be the consensus among random bloggers. That’s absurd. And just because someone is more forthright with their opinion doesn’t make it any more right or reasonable.

If you want to beta read for another writer, then you should. If you want to buy another writer’s book to show your support, then you should. If you want to launch a mini social media campaign for another writer, then you should. But you should never feel obligated to support any writer in any way. So what if they have a nice little blog? That alone isn’t grounds to go off and support them like they’re running for president.

Support other writers how you want to because there is no “correct” way of doing so. No matter what others would have you believe. And don’t forget that the number of writers you’re obligated to support is zero. It’s all up to you and not everyone else.

On this day in 2014 I published A Letter to my Character.


9 thoughts on “Supporting Writers

  1. I personally try to support great writing any way I can. I offer reviews, author spotlights, and host blog tours. However, it is ultimately up to each and every reader/writer to decide how and if they want to support a piece of work. Great post!

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  2. Thank you, John, for this much-needed post! It is a powerful point beautifully made! There are times writers erase themselves in the support of other writers not to feel their own harrowing sense of rejection, not to tremble from the belief that their own work may never get read or make the New York Times Bestseller list. So why not lend energy to those writers invested in themselves?

    Wrongful thinking for sure!

    I absolutely get it. Imagine what writers could achieve if they placed the effort and energy they pour into others…into themselves!

    Yes, support others however you like, but LOVE and TRUST your own muse! Hallelujah!


  3. I’ve never asked a reader to do anything.
    I know many authors ask for a review, but I figure if they’re the kind to leave reviews they will, and I’ll be grateful, if they don’t they won’t.
    I feel like I’m nagging to ask for anything. Although a simple request for a review at the end of a book has never bothered me, as long as it’s a request and not a demand.


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