Saturday Selects #15: YouTube recommendations

Saturday Selects is a series of posts I write on the first Saturday of each month to discuss topics separate from the overall bookish theme of the blog. Today we’re talking YouTubers.

I love YouTube. I can easily spend a couple of hours on the site right before bed without realizing how much time has passed. Or during the day. Or any time. It’s addictive. Match that with a good channel and I’m hooked.

But I have a problem. I subscribe to exactly 15 channels and I think they’re all pretty great. But those 15 channels don’t give me enough videos to watch. Do I watch every video they release? No. But I watch most of them. AND I NEED MORE. And I’ll randomly find other videos that are decent, but I rarely come across a channel that I actually want to subscribe to. That’s what y’all are here for. Tell me about your favorite channels! Seriously. I honestly don’t care what kinds of channels you suggest, I just need to start from somewhere.

What are your favorite YouTube channels?

On this day in 2014 I published April Showers Bring More…Bloggers?.


10 thoughts on “Saturday Selects #15: YouTube recommendations

  1. I don’t really watch YouTube all that much, but one channel I like is Aarios Gaming (I may not be spelling that right, but close enough.) He is an all sports gaming channel that does highlight videos acting like he is a real commentator, and he is really good at it. I think he posts every day.


  2. I’m not sure any of the channels I follow will be to your taste, but I personally adore:

    – CinemaSins: picks apart movies and calls out their plot holes/other ridiculousness
    – The React Channel/The Fine Bros
    – Top 10 Memes: a Swedish dude who comes up with really interesting fact lists. Most of the information is obscure, so it isn’t the same rehashed info you’ve already seen on the internet.
    – Markiplier, Rooster Teeth, Let’s Play, and OutsideXBox are my favorite video game channels.
    – How It Should Have Ended: funny animations about movies
    – Auralnauts: especially their Bane outtakes.
    – Bad Lip Reading: The Game of Thrones one still puts me in tears of laughter

    I also keep up with the Tiny Hamster meals, but I’m not sure the name of that channel.


    • I’m subscribed to The Fine Bros main channel already. I think it’s the main one and I occasionally watch videos on of their others. And my brother actually told me to look up Markiplier. I think. Those others I’ll have to look up. Which I’ll do right now.


  3. This may not be your kind of thing, but I’m obsessed with literary adaptations on YouTube. Two in-progress web series that I’m currently enjoying a lot are the Misselthwaite Archives (the Secret Garden in modern Oregon) and the Writing Majors (more of a literature inspired series than an adaptation I guess–it’s Emily Dickinson, Oscar Wilde and Jane Austen as college housemates). If you want to start with a completely finished series I highly recommend Nothing Much To Do. It’s an adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing set in a New Zealand high school and it is absolutely wonderful.


    • I’m not entirely sure what you’re describing. But I usually find any book-related channels to be very boring. I’ll have look these up to see if I find them interesting.


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