I had a Dream Last Night…

Okay. Technically my dream was two nights ago, since I know you care. Anyway, do you remember when I wrote this post about what I’d do in the event of a house fire? No? Well you should go read it then. I had a dream about exactly that. My house was on fire. Only it wasn’t my house I live in now or one I’ve lived in before, it was one I didn’t recognize. But it was mine.

During this dream of mine everyone got out safely, except me. I don’t know what happened because the last thing I remember before waking up was my brother (or was it my dad?) berating me about what I was doing. I was grabbing as many of those heavy duty trash bags as I possibly could and I was throwing my books inside of them to save them from the fire. But I was crying while I was doing this. I have nothing against anyone who needs a good cry every now and then, but it just seemed odd to me. And I was telling them how they didn’t understand how much I needed my books. I don’t know what the heck is wrong with me. I don’t even hardly read! Oh well.

Have you ever had a bookish dream that left you scratching your head? Or am I the only crazy in the room?

On this day in 2014 I published Things we do Rather Than Write.


26 thoughts on “I had a Dream Last Night…

  1. Oh, no man, you’re definitely crazy ๐Ÿ™‚
    The only times I’ve had weird anxiety dreams like that were ones about going back to college to finally get my degree- they went on for months, horrible, stressy, all about missing exams and buses to college. The minute I enrolled on the first course, the dreams stopped.
    Do you think it’s about ‘your’ books (ones you’ve written/ are going to write) or the ones on your bookshelf?

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  2. I agree you are crazy, but then that’s why I follow your blog. Before I started teaching, I had dreams about the fraud police bursting into my classroom to haul me out. I found out that others in my class were having the same dream. That’s as close as I come to book dreams.

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  3. I’ve had drowning dreams quite a bit. I think I hold my breath at night and that triggers them. No books involved in those. However, I do problem-solve book challenges in dreams and keep paper and pen by my bed to jot down the answers.


  4. I remember months ago your challenge…what would you save in case of a fire…and how many responses from authors you had that said, “books!” You are reliving you past blog. lol


  5. I have had many dreams where I’m enmeshed in the book I was reading right before I drifted off to sleep. That’s usually what my bookish dreams consist of. Unless my dream is such a great book idea I have to record it as soon as I wake up.
    And no shame saving your books!


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