Not all Writers are the Same

People on WordPress like to describe themselves as writers. These same people also like to describe writers in general. One of the things they do most is lump all writers together into this group of people that does everything exactly the same way. I’m not talking about writing styles or writing at all, I’m talking about the actual person.

It seems everyone on WordPress is operating under the impression that ALL writers are introverts. And they all state this as common knowledge and fact. It’s annoying that all these people are making assumptions about people they don’t know and never will. I don’t consider myself an introvert at all. And obviously I’m not the only one. Two different professions, but this reminds me of all the people who say all police officers are _____. It’s a joke. What if I said all Christians are _____? Or all college dropouts are _____? See how ignorant all of those sound? But it’s perfectly fine for everyone on WordPress to throw all writers into the same basket? Just stop.

All writers are writers. How’s that?

On this day in 2014 I published The Mother’s Day Post.


14 thoughts on “Not all Writers are the Same

  1. I hear you so well!! I am an introvert, but I do enjoy a good time out with people too … I’ve been reading a book of letters by a certain twentieth century poet, and I’ve found it rather freeing … not only does this woman love to write and learn, but she’s constantly talking about her friends and what they did on the weekend, and different plans that she’s making with people and others that she’d like to meet … it’s wonderful to see that it’s possible to have a personality that’s not entirely defined by “loner” as a writer, as so many people seem to think (including my much younger self!)


    • Exactly. I wish I knew who came up with the notion that writers are these reserved, quiet individuals. Because I don’t believe that to be the case at all and every writer I’ve interacted with on here seems just as outgoing or sociable as any other person I know.

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      • Agreed! Even when you look at the classic authors, a large proportion of them were quite outgoing. Like John Milton, who wrote Paradise Lost … he was not just a writer but also quite an effective (depending on who you ask) politician!


  2. Sorry, but didn’t you just lump all people on WordPress together in this post? “It seems everyone on WordPress is operating under the impression…”
    It just seemed a bit ironic. But you’re right, not all writers are introverts. I’m a social butterfly, no lie.


  3. Its a horrible stereotype! I myself am an introvert however I know that there are so many different types of people out there who are writers. The characteristics of a writer is so personal to the person themselves and I think that is also reflected in what they write and the way they write.


  4. I sometimes ask- more than often my extrovert friends and family that they should write; All of whom are astounded that I even have to ask them, its almost as if I’m asking them for money. They know that I love them more than anything in their world but all of their responses are alike. By the way everyone here that is stating that they are introverts only adding to the fire that all writers are introverts.


  5. Generalizations about any population, no matter what it is, are ignorant assumptions based on…well…ignorance. And sometimes it’s purposeful ignorance, because even though they know the information, they still want to generalize just to make themselves feel better.
    Writers are awesome people, whether they’re introverts, extraverts, Christians, atheists, fat, skinny, old, young, highly educated, school dropouts, or any other label people paste all over themselves.


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