Some Randomness About Moi

Today is Saturday and sometimes I just don’t feel like wasting what I think are great ideas for posts on weekends. Even though other times I try writing posts that I anticipate many people will at least read because of the topic. So in reality, this is me being a little lazy. Hehe.

Anyway, last year sometime I wrote some awards posts and at least once published a post of random facts. Well today I wanted to do that again because we’re all friends here, right? *crickets* I guess I’ll start listing them before you run away from me.

1. I have crazy dreams. I’m not kidding. I’ve been the writer for a dinosaur movie. I’ve met Jennifer Lawrence. I’ve played baseball in front of thousands of people in an open field in the middle of nowhere. (did I experience Field of Dreams?) Oh, and I’ve also been chased by an old lady with an ax who was definitely out for blood. And I’ve also dreamed about meeting other bloggers, but I can’t say who because I may or may not have already told them and what if they think I’m crazy and get scared? Nah. Not dealing with that.

2. I suffered two injuries last year as a result of my training. I’ll now likely forever have two bad wrists and a bad shoulder. But I wouldn’t change anything after that 365 pound bench! I also have a bad back that randomly acts up after months of being okay.

3. I’ve never seen a single episode of Game of Thrones. I know people are obsessed with the whole series, but I’ve never felt the need to join them. I highly doubt I’d be interested in the TV series, slightly more likely I’d be interested in the books. Slightly.

4. I might have a need to be famous. I think if people got a taste of the real me that I’d have more friends and people to interact with on a regular basis. My goal in life is to become Vine famous. Or on YouTube. Or WordPress? Seriously, no blogger has any idea what I’m like in person and that’s no good. Honestly, I imagine that many of you would want nothing less than to never meet me. BUT I know several of you would be great acquaintances. I’m imagining a meet up in which we meet in a sports bar (no need to be formal) and we end up having a small crowd of people around us cause we’re so damn interesting. And I’d be the only guy in there who knows anything about the sporting event taking place at the time.

5. I love Twitter. It’s the only social media site I really use besides this. I have Snapchat and occasionally use it, but the people I’ve added on there are just not interesting. I originally started using my Twitter account once I finished writing my book, but now I do not ever tweet about books. Okay, very rarely. My book stuff can stay on WordPress. I’d tell you to follow me over there, but I”m telling you now that I won’t follow you back if all you tweet is #amwriting or #amreading or something similar. I have no interest in that stuff. I mostly tweet about sports because they’re way more important to me than books. Find me here.

That’s it! One day I’ll do an Ask me Anything post and see what kinds of questions people might want to ask, but that isn’t today. So what do you think of my randomness? Maybe you’ve had some crazy dreams too? Or maybe you’re interested in my Twitter rants? Or better yet, you want to come down to Texas and buy me food?

If you comment, then I want you to tell me a random fact about yourself. I won’t reply if you don’t. Ha!

On this day in 2014 I published Are Bookmarks Dead?. The most popular post in the history of this blog. By far. And chances are you’ve already read it. It still usually gets a Like or a comment each day and I remember writing it just to get the idea out of the way because I thought it was stupid. I guess the only stupid one around here is me. So take a look if you haven’t already!


25 thoughts on “Some Randomness About Moi

  1. Never seen Game of Thrones and like you, more likely to read the books, or at least give the first one a go. Although I do enjoy the Walking Dead – love a zombie.
    When I was eighteen I worked in a tiny, independent department store in the ladies fashion section. One of my jobs was measuring elderly ladies for bras and corsetry. Oh, yeah, I’ve lived 🙂


  2. I love randomness posts! And concerning your injuries, I’m pretty positive you have a partial rotator cuff tear in your shoulder and will have to have a rotator cuff repair sometime later in life. And recovery from that surgery is an unholy beast. In the past year alone I’ve treated five guys who’ve ruptured their rotator cuffs bench pressing. And guys really don’t appreciate it when I correct their posture and such at the gym. I guess I can understand why. Le sigh.
    Anywho… now that I’m off my high horse on physical therapy and surgeries and such… my random fact would be… um… that I’m in the 15% of people in the world who have a genetic mutation that makes cilantro taste like soap. Blech! I just don’t understand why so many people ruin good food with cilantro. I feel the same about coconut, but I don’t know if that’s a genetics thing or just me.


      • Ohhhhh. Haha! I apologize. I reply to all my comments at once and I think I just replied to comments on every post of the last week. But I just came to this one and was a little confused. My sister got hit by a car million years ago. And I think you’re talking about the bath salts guy from forever ago, yes?

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      • Your sister got hit by a car!!! Gosh! Me, I was sitting on the gravel driveway with my back leaning against my ex husband’s car. He didn’t know I was there. Started the car and drove backward and I went under the car is all. Yes, the bath salt guy.


      • Hmm. Well technically I think she got hit by the mirror. But it was driving and she still went to the hospital. I think? It was so long ago and I was so young that I really don’t remember.

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