Want to Pick my Next Read? #2

First, this post is coming way later than normal because once again the weather decided to pound Houston with rain. The city in which I live got something like 11 inches of rain just yesterday! And the power went out around 10:00 last night and still isn’t back on yet. And I have no phone. So, I’m writing this at Fedex.

A long time ago I asked y’all to pick my next read by voting in a poll. I chose five random books from the Amazon 100 Books to Read in a Lifetime List and asked that y’all vote to pick which one I read next. With the power outage of the last 24 hours, I’m finally getting around to finishing that first book y’all picked and decided that I might as well ask the same quetion once again.

So, I’m going to just pick five books from the Amazon list and ask that y’all vote to decide what I read next.

I don’t really know anything about these books, once again. But I decided to include the two choices from my first poll that recieved the most votes but did not win. But I won’t tell y’all which books those are.

So, tell me what I should read next. And feel free to vote and comment to make your case.

I have a lot of comments that I’ll be responding to once I have power back.

37 thoughts on “Want to Pick my Next Read? #2

    • I think it made the news everywhere. It’s ridiculous. My neighbor drives a Civic and left it parked on the streets last night. Stupid. It didn’t start today.

      We were without power for almost 20 hours.

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      • It’s worse on the news than on the ground. There’s only a couple places with any water left. The drainage system isn’t bad here. But this morning until maybe…9:00, it was just standing water. But it’s okay now. There are still some cars abandoned from yesterday, but I haven’t heard of any deaths related to the storm here. In other parts of the state the flooding was washing away homes. Thankfully that didn’t happen here.

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  1. Blimey – Houston has SERIOUS weather. No mucking about with a rain shower here or there, but full-on watery apocalypse. Best of luck with the recovery.
    1984 is amazing – what good taste your followers have.
    I’ve only read two of the books from your list – Fahrenheit 451 and Life after Life. Very different books. I think Kate Atkinson is a very good writer and constructed the book well, though you have to stick with it at the beginning. But Ray Bradbury was a genius – the whole idea of the ‘firemen’… Hmm. Probably Fahrenheit 451, but make sure you read Life after Life later 🙂


    • The best part is that it rained for a good hour or two just this morning. It never ends. Well I haven’t finished 1984, so I’ll have to reserve judgment. I’ve never read either author. And I honestly know absolutely nothing about either book. I just picked them at random from the list.


      • Lor, let’s hope it dries up soon.
        That’s a good technique for choosing books. Makes you read something outside your own usual choices – a literary lucky dip.


      • It won’t. It rains here all the time. But I’m not floating down the street or anything. I actually never choose books this way, except for this list. A literate lucky dip. That’s an interesting little phrase.

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      • Maybe you need a sun lamp or two, just to give you the impression of a nice day?
        I’m tempted to employ your technique myself to force me to read outside of my usual genres and authors.


      • Haha we have some nice days. Hm. I don’t want to influence your book reading habits. So…you should do whatever you want to. And read whatever you want to. Haha but I really don’t even remember why I started reading from the list. I mean, there are plenty of similar lists out there that have been out longer. I think I just wanted to read more classics? I have no clue anymore.

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      • I liked The Fault in Our Stars. Loved Moneyball. I thought the first Harry Potter was pretty good. Hated Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. So not much different from typical reading.

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      • Of course. I love the series. I’m holding off on rushing through it because how many fans of the series still get to read it through for the first time? I do. I’ve read Chamber of Secrets. And I’ll never read another Dahl book. You have no idea how much I disliked the one I read. I wrote a posy about it last year.

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      • Ha! Ha! I love how passionate you are – both loving and hating books with such conviction. Dahl is such a revered figure here in the UK, though I admit I enjoy the idea of him rather than the experience of reading him. The Great Glass Elevator was REALLY tedious ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ


  2. The only novel I’ve read here is Gone Girl, and I almost voted for it….but I honestly think that book resonates with women more than it resonates with men. I don’t like to generalize, but that book has a VERY strong message to women and you almost have to have had personally experienced the contents of that message to even recognize it. I could elaborate, but I don’t want to spoil anything. Maybe give it a try eventually, but don’t go in expecting anything more than a regular crime book.

    So I voted for Ray Bradbury, because he’s universally appealing and a literary standard. I haven’t read that particular book, but I’ve read a lot of his short stories and enjoyed them. I’m of the mind that everyone should read at least a bit of Bradbury before they die. 😉


    • Well I already know a little about Gone Girl. It’s probably the only one I’m familiar with of the five. And I’ve actually never read any Ray Bradbury that I can remember. Not even in high school or college.


  3. I actually bought Life After Life because it sounded like a great premise. I read maybe the first 20 pages and put it down. I think the concept is great, but the execution leaves a lot to be desired. In fact, this is one of two books I have ever abandoned at the beginning in my entire reading life (that I can recall anyway).


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