James Patterson to Launch Publishing Imprint

This should surprise no one who knows anything about Patterson.

He writes in several different genres and releases more than 10 books a year. In 2014 he sold 20 million books and released 16 new titles. The guy is a juggernaut in the world of publishing, and I’m pretty sure his publisher will do anything he asks them to in support of his work. The new imprint will be called ‘Jimmy Patterson’, which is perfect because its focus will be on children’s books.

The goal of the new imprint will be to release about a book a month, with a focus on middle grade and young adult fiction. And the best thing I’ve read about this new imprint is that Patterson has stated very clearly that it isn’t about selling more books, (and making more money) it’s about getting kids reading more. He wants to write and publish books that make the reader want to keep turning the page, and then grab another book once they’re finished. Normally I never believe anyone as prolific as he is when they start talking about money, but I really believe it this time. I can’t speak about how he writes his children’s series, but I know that he writes very short chapters in his Alex Cross series that force you to keep reading because you know in two or three pages you’ll be done with another chapter. If his children’s books are written in a similar manner, then I can definitely see kids reading and wanting to read more.

What do you think about Patterson launching his own imprint? I like it.

12 thoughts on “James Patterson to Launch Publishing Imprint

  1. I can’t say I’m surprised. For how prolific and successful he is, launching this imprint is a sure-fire way to get more kids reading. And not just because the kids want to. But because their parents are most likely fans of Patterson and will recognize his talent and buy the books for their kids. Right? That’s partly how I started reading when I was young. My parents would read to me books they loved by authors they loved. When I fell in love with those, I began reading them myself until I started branching out and finding new authors myself. Go Jimmy!


  2. I think this is a great idea. He’s a wonderful storyteller, and that’s write is needed to keep kids interested. I think this is a gift for children. Yes, I have strong feelings on this subject.


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