It’s Been Two Years

Two years of what? Two years of Write me a book, John!. And I’ve been fortunate enough to have nearly 3000 people hit follow, which isn’t that impressive since most of them read one post and never came back. That’s fine. But in the two years I’ve been doing this I’ve interacted with A LOT of people. People I agree with. People from other countries. People with similar interests. People two or three times my age. People with life experience. People I’d like to meet one day. And people like you.

I’ve had people attack me. I’ve had people tell me how rude I am. I’ve had people write posts all about something I said or wrote. I’ve had people cuss me out. I’ve had people get to know me and then proceed to call me names as soon as I say something they disagree with.

There are a number of individuals who I consider great friends of mine, and it’s only possible because I decided to start this blog two years ago. To every person who has ever come across my tiny piece of the internet, I thank you. And to those who haven’t yet stumbled upon my piece of cyberspace, I welcome you. But to all of you who have kept coming back week after week, I’m just getting started.

I can’t put into words how much fun I’ve had over the last two years, but I look forward to several more years to come.

PS: I didn’t record my first video yesterday because of some minor technical difficulties, but I’m all set now! It’s happening TODAY.

PPS: I’ve already received SEVEN guest posts, so you better get yours to me before I just go ahead with the ones I have.

PPPS: Today is the last day for you to vote on which book I read next from the Amazon list. It’s a close vote, so get to it! You can vote here.

On this day in 2014 I published First Year Blogging Anniversary and May Recap.


28 thoughts on “It’s Been Two Years

      • Probably both, but definitely comments 🙂 I faff a lot in my comments (you probably noticed that) but you get straight to the point and I guess a lot of people just don’t like that. Just an observation.


      • I see no issue with being direct, to-the-point. And I think it’s a little absurd when someone tells me how I should run my blog. Haha I’m not talking about you, but in the past I’ve been criticized for how I reply to comments, and I think it’s funny. Especially when hardly any bloggers get the number of comments that I do. I think if everyone was getting 10,000 comments a year, then they’d see that it’s probably not the best thing to reply to every single thing someone says. There are times when I sit on my phone for an hour or more just replying to comments AND let’s not forget that there are bloggers who NEVER reply. Or they reply like a week later. Haha long comment.

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      • No, you’re right. Apart from the fact people are interested in what you say, it’s the fact you engage so much that keeps them following.
        Don’t understand people who don’t reply to comments- why bother blogging?
        Your blog is your space – if people don’t like it, they’re not forced to follow you 🙂


      • Yep. I don’t either. And there are some REALLY popular bloggers who don’t reply. I know of at least one who will write a post and get maybe 75-100 Likes and maybe 10-15 comments on just about anything. And he just likes the comments instead of replying. I’d rather someone at least reply than do that.

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      • Well, I could be generous and say that’s a lot of comments to answer … but, no. That’s just plain rude. You have to attempt to answer at least some of your comments, or people start to feel a bit … used


      • It did cross my mind when I wrote that comment that you could always impose some kind of police state where everyone on the planet was forced to read your blog and watch you on You Tube – on pain of reading the complete works of Roald Dahl! Too ambitious? Maybe one day.


  1. *STANDING OVATION* Well done, good sir! Two years is quite an achievement! Especially for how often you post. That’s great! Congrats! I look forward to many more hours of entertainment and silly stories and interesting debates. Write on, Wordsmith!!


  2. Congratulations on the milestone! 🙂
    I know what you mean about the follower count not meaning much. Especially as a sporadic (hopefully not quite so much anymore) blogger, I would post one post, get lots of attention and new followers, get excited and make another post, and then get almost no response. But I shouldn’t complain too loudly because I should admit that I barely ever go the Reader and actually read stuff from the people who I follow.


    • Haha thanks! I actually read other blogs everyday. Sometimes I skim along and other times I’ll sit there and read a thousand word post like it’s the most important piece of writing there is.

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