E.L. James Just Pulled a Beyonce (Kinda)

Y’all know I’m not a fan of the works of E.L. James, but she’s got some confidence.

Earlier this week it was announced that she’d be releasing a new book from the perspective of Christian Grey. You’re probably thinking that we could have expected that. I guess that’s true, but the kicker is that the book will be released later this month!

I’ve seen a number of authors announce new books via Twitter or Facebook or a press release, and each time the date was months into the future. I’m talking like nine or ten. And I see that as pretty normal because books are often announced before there’s a final product. But I can’t say that I’ve ever seen an author do this before. A couple of weeks is no time for publicity, though just about every book news site has already written about her new book. And it’s also probably not a scary thought to do this when you’ve already sold 98625398916635 books, right?

I think this was an interesting move by James and her publisher, but at the end of the day there’s almost no risk involved for her.

Oh, and Beyonce released an album a little while back in a similar manner. Now you understand the reference.

What do you think of James releasing a new book in her series from the perspective of Christian Grey with no time for publicity?

PS: It’s already #1 on Amazon.

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37 thoughts on “E.L. James Just Pulled a Beyonce (Kinda)

  1. She’ll sell out before day one. I’m not entirely sure why. Poorly edited erotica is all the rage, I guess? As for the lack of lead time… It’s a pretty smug move, and one I’m sure will be largely irrelevant given her following.


    • It is irrelevant, but still interesting. Cause there are a number if authors in her stratosphere who don’t do that. I’ve never read her books, so the editing is the editing.


  2. That takes some cojones to pull a move like that. I call it arrogant and a marketing ploy to splash her books all over the world again. I’m sure this book will sell extraordinarily well, and I’m sure it will also give her previous books a serious boost in the market.


  3. Depends on whether she’s self or traditional publishing… I’ve seen lots of new authors only start marketing a month before it comes out. It’s a rookie thing to do. But then again, she can get away with it – she’s made it with her bad writing and poor erotica. I guess if you’re that popular you can get away with it?


    • E.L. James is definitely passed her self publishing phase. Her publisher is Vintage. I think? It’s weird that I actually know that. I also wouldn’t cal her a rookie. This is obviously a calculated move, one that she didn’t make on her own.

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      • Oh, I suppose that makes sense someone would snatch her up. Shows you how much I care (or pay attention, har de har).

        Hmm. Maybe not rookie. You’re right, it’s odd. Maybe it’s somewhere between overt confidence and knowing the short attention span of her avid fans?


      • She was picked up a long time ago. Years. Her readers are pretty much any kind of woman. I think she (and her publisher) know that they’ll buy anything she releases.


  4. She’s already attracted such a large fan base with 50 Shades and made stupid amounts of money. At this point, it doesn’t even matter. Based on how poor the quality of her writing is, I’m not surprised at the short turn around.


  5. We’re happy when one of us does well, aren’t we? Well, we should be!!! #GoErika! Writers for Writers!


  6. Publishing a book with his POV doesn’t make him any less psychotic. He’s creepy af. If I come across that book, I’m gonna burn it! And it will be one less copy for humanity.


      • Um. Actually, no. I read this detailed rant about the 50 shades series on a blog somewhere.
        And this guy on buzzfeed wrote a piece about the new 50 shades book that’s from Grey’s POV, and he highlighted sentences from the book and posted pictures. So. Yeah, I kinda read it.


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