A Simple Message

On this day some 71 years ago, many men pressed forward toward the coasts of France knowing that it would be their last. These men did not cower in the face of nearly impossible odds. They did what needed doing, and looked death straight in the eye. Some were taken and others were spared. But every man, living and not, changed the course of the war by storming those beaches. Every man, living and not, changed the course of human history. Every man, living and not, deserves our respect and admiration. Every man, living and not, did something that 99.99 percent of us simply could not do. We are indebted to every man who took part in the events of D-Day on June 6, 1944. Let’s not forget it.

On this day in 2014 I wrote more extensively about the events of D-Day in my post Something More Important Than Books.

My Saturday Selects post will publish tomorrow.


15 thoughts on “A Simple Message

    • I remember you telling me about him last year. It’s still one of those things that I literally cannot even imagine experiencing. And like I said last year, (I think) I hope no country ever has to put its men and women into battle under circumstances similar to those. No one should experience that. No one.

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  1. I love these posts of yours that remind us to be thankful for all those men and women who serve our country. I’ve met some elderly patients who were there on D-Day and it’s harrowing listening to their stories, but makes me all the more grateful for them.


  2. My friend I feel for any family who has been scarred by war and it’s atrocities. It truly hurts to think of the countless lives, lost around the world, that are victims of war time.

    My a truly, terrifying concept. I can appreciate the conviction of those who volunteer but when push comes to shove, humanity has failed itself, by rallying against itself, no matter the cause. War on any scale is quintessentially pointless.


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