On Throwing Books

I’ve decided to hold off on posting my Saturday Selects post until next Saturday.

This is a question I’ve often wondered of other readers. Have you ever found yourself throwing a book across the room? Perhaps one might do this upon finishing a book and finding the ending unsatisfactory. One might do this upon reading a book that is just terrible. One might do this because they hate books. Or one might do this in the heat of an argument. It could be anything.

I’ve never found myself flinging a book across the room. I’ve read some bad books. I’ve been unsatisfied by book endings. Heck, I’ve been in my share of heated arguments. But I just can’t see myself throwing a book. Wait, I might if a cockroach made its way under my door and came on the attack. Then I’d do anything. Ha! *insert blushing emoji*

But really, it just seems a little crazy to be doing something like that. Or maybe I’m the crazy one.

Have you ever found yourself throwing a book for any reason?

On this day in 2014 I published Saturday Selects: The perfection we all know as Jennifer Lawrence. This is still one of my favorite posts I’ve written on this blog.

PS: I think I’ll be sharing my guest posts all this week. Stay tuned.


59 thoughts on “On Throwing Books

  1. Unless your book contains the ability to generate a nuclear explosion, it won’t be very effective against a cockroach. Just sayin’.

    (No, I don’t throw books. I give the ones with bad endings a very stern look, but that’s about it…)

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  2. Once, to my shame.

    I learnt many things about myself that day- I’m the kind of monster who would throw a book, I have a wicked aim and moths now tell their caterpillars horror stories about me


  3. There was one instance I can recall that involved throwing a book, and I remember it vividly, sitting in the basement of my old Traverse City house, trying to dredge my way through the second Twilight book. I was so frustrated with Bella Swan as a narrator that I gave into that wild urge to throw it across the room in disgust.

    So, yeah. I felt it was pretty well justified.


  4. I threw one. I love books and don’t mistreat them, but this one made me so angry and upset that I pitched it across the room. It was a library book. I forgot to mention to the librarian that I had thrown it and I guess it wasn’t damaged. I guess everyone has a dark side!


  5. Not that I can remember, but I know I’ve used them a few times to kill bugs. Just because it was the handiest thing around. And then I felt guilt after. Not about the bug. But for the book, which now had bug guts on it. Blech.


  6. No way, I will never throw my books! I have a kind of obsession and love for my books. If I tried to throw a book across the room, there’s no way I would go through with it 😂


  7. Cant say I’ve ever thrown a book. Oh wait, I lied, I can remember throwing books and other things around my room but never because of the quality of the copy.

    I enjoying letting my mind take over my vision and planting the images inspired by the script. For this reason I find that, even with a book that takes an unexpected turn or ending, I’m not sure I’d throw a book across a room.

    Interesting concept and no doubt there’d be some clanger stories of books thrown I wonder if anyone has done damage because of throwing books??


  8. I value my books too much to throw them! In frustration with an ending I’ve tossed a book a foot away on my bed or something. But not a serious throw.


  9. I’ve never knowingly thrown a book, though I should’ve done. Twilight, The Unconsoled … there must be tons more, but as a self-protection mechanism, my brain deletes memories I might find harmful, such as crimes against literature.
    Did you throw Charlie and the Chocolate factory, John? Come on, fess up.


  10. I think I’ve thrown a calculus book across the room before, but I just wasn’t understanding it and knew I shouldn’t even be bothering myself with the book 🙂


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