Monthly TBR Lists

If you spend any amount of time on WordPress, then you’ve likely come across many of these. They could be for summer or winter or June or anything at all. And I’m trying to figure them out. I have one question that I’d like to ask all you TBR List-making people. How do you come up with them? I’m not asking because I have any intention of adopting the practice, I’m asking because it’s a mystery to me.

You’re just about guaranteed to find these lists for every month into the future, but why? Why does there have to be this set list and how does one even decide what to put on it? I mean, when I first started seeing them on WordPress I thought they were just books that hadn’t been read before by the post author. But I now know that not to be the case. People are picking random books to reread at random times. And I just don’t get it.

How do you come up with your monthly (or similar) TBR lists?

40 thoughts on “Monthly TBR Lists

  1. I don’t keep monthly lists or themed lists or anything crazy like that. I do have a TBR list on goodreads and I simply add books that I want to read at some point. When I’m looking for my next book, I consult my list and see if anything jumps out at me. Mostly I use it just so I don’t forget one that I meant to read but hadn’t gotten around to it.

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  2. My TBR list is made up of books that I read about online, movies that look really good that are based of off books ( I like to read the book before seeing the movie), or books that people I know recommend.


  3. There is a lot of information behind the psychology of making lists.

    I wrote an android app several years ago specifically to create and maintain lists of things that I still use every day for ideas, shopping, to-do lists, things I need to pack in my luggage, books I need to read, websites I need to keep track of, people who are important to whatever research I’m doing, appointments, etc. It helps me remember things, because I have way too many things on my mind at any one time, so it’s easy to forget something. It really helped with writing my book, because anytime I had an idea or thought of something I had to fix, I could just enter it the app and not lose the thought.

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  4. I have a list of housework to be done, what to pack for a vacation, groceries to be purchased, weight gains and losses, but I have no list for books I’ve read or plan to read. I search for the next book as I finish the last one. Until now, I had never heard of a TBR list. Who woulda thought?


  5. Yeah… No. My TBR list is huge, but I don’t plan ahead what I’m going to read. It feels too much like work if I do that. Reading is fun and relaxing so I’ll decide what I want to read when I want to read it.


  6. Had not heard of the acronym but took an educated guess at the meaning. Like you, I don’t have a monthly list, just books sitting in an ‘unread’ list on my Kindle to choose from. I have a Goodreads book club which has a monthly book, which I try to keep up with. I usually have at least one fiction book and one or more non-fiction books on the go at one time. But I don’t get through as many books as I imagine most people with TBR lists get through, because between full time work and parenting, my free time is limited and I try to devote most of what isn’t needed for basic social stuff to writing.


    • Same. Except I work part time and never having kids. Haha I just have books on my TBR shelf that I haven’t gotten to reading just yet. I don’t try to plan out what I’m reading over a month or season or anything. That’s weird.


  7. How I come up with my monthly TBR lists is basically I pick a couple of books that I know I need and feel like reading for that month. For me, making lists helps me keep direction or ill be stuck with nothing to read because I can’t make up my mind. It helps keep me focused.


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