We Finally Have Waterproof Books (Almost)

This is one of those rare posts that I’m writing entirely for y’all. Because my books would never go near any water, and I don’t take baths. I couldn’t tell you the last time I took a bath. Wait, that sounds bad. I only take showers, ya crazies!

Anyway, I can’t tell you how many tweets or blog posts or whatever I’ve read about someone reading in a tub of hot water. I think it’s the weirdest thing, but there’s nothing I can do about it. And there’s also usually wine involved. Wine + books = I have no idea. Water + books = soggy books. But there’s obviously a market for these waterproof books because a couple has decided to make them a reality for all of you who like reading in the tub.

These waterproof books are part of Bibliobath. What’s Bibliobath? It’s the Kickstarter project that aims to make these waterproof books more mainstream commodities. They’ve chosen four works for their initial launch to get you ready for what’s to come. MacbethThe Art of War. Mark Twain’s short stories. And selected poetry by W.B. Yeats.

I have no interest at the moment in waterproof books or any of those four titles, but I bet you do. Maybe? If yes, fell free to read more about Bibliobath and to support their Kickstarter campaign here.

On this day in 2014 I published Stopping a Book Before you Finish.

PS: I’ll be hitting a mini milestone today. It’ll most likely happen before I wake up in the morning and before this post publishes. I’ll be surpassing 50,000 views on Write me a book, John!. How cool is that? That’s a lot of eyeballs reading my words.


13 thoughts on “We Finally Have Waterproof Books (Almost)

  1. I randomly came across an article in this recently- there are waterproof Bibles for outdoorsy types, which are not only waterproof but actually float! The paper appears totally normal so you wouldn’t really notice the difference.

    So far the market for waterproof books has been Bibles and….. Erotica. For what nefarious reason, I dread to think! I hope more mainstream books come out soon, I’d love to be able to read in the rain!


  2. The Art of War as a waterproof book is hilarious.

    You can imagine Kin Jong Un (fill in your dictator of choice here), relaxing in the tub (lots of bubbles, naturally – possibly a rubber duck or two) munching a toasted sandwich, glass of bubbly/ beer/ cider, planning his next military move with the aid of Sun Tzu, safe in the knowledge if his duck splashes about too much, the water won’t affect his enjoyment.

    Stunning – a totally weird choice.


  3. Interesting. I only take showers, too, anymore, so I haven’t had a book near a bathtub in a LONG time. But I know lots of people (usually women) who take baths and like to relax with a book in the tub, so these people might have a pretty decent market for their idea.


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