Don’t Quit Your Day Job

I may come across at times as being aggravated by something I read or say on WordPress, but I’m really not. I only lead you to think that because of how I write my posts and/or comments. There isn’t much anyone on WordPress can do to get me remotely close to angry. Because we’re all strangers on here and if you want to get upset over nothing, then that’s your choice. I’ll just nap like I always do and forget about it. BUT there is something I’ve seen more frequently in recent weeks than I’ve seen in my previous two years on WordPress, and it’s getting to the point of almost pissing me off. Almost.

You might know a writer who decided to quit their day job after a year or two or 20 to pursue writing full-time. I don’t know anyone who’s done that, but I know it happens. I have no issue with that, because it’s their life and they can do as they please. What I do have a problem with is when someone makes the choice to do that (if they were working at all) and then writes a sob story about how they’ve put off their writing for so long and now it’s time to pursue their dream of becoming an author….AND would I please donate my money to help them along the way. UH, WHAT?

What the hell did I just read? So YOU made the choice to quit YOUR job and now you’re asking ME to give you money that I worked for so you can get by while you work on your next great novel? I must be on a prank show. This can’t be real and you can’t be serious.

No reasonable person would outright quit their job if they couldn’t afford to do so, or didn’t intend to try finding something better. Think about that. And there are actually people on WordPress who are doing that and then immediately asking for money from strangers. I guess WordPress has turned into GoFundMe.

I once launched a Kickstarter campaign to help with my first book. But it was NOT a campaign to fund a “writer” lifestyle, it was meant to help make my book better. The book was written already. And you see things like that everywhere, but this is different. What people are asking now has nothing to do with their writing. They’re essentially asking people to be a source of income. And that’s just ridiculous.

Have you come across this kind of thing? I’d say I’ve seen it maybe 7-10 times in recent weeks. I’ve yet to comment on one of these posts, but I think the next time I find one I’ll just link back to this without anything further.

48 thoughts on “Don’t Quit Your Day Job

  1. There are lots of ways to support one’s self with writing without resorting to Internet panhandling. Kickstarting a novel is one thing… asking for rent money so the “writer” doesn’t have to stoop to paid writing while fulfilling his or her dream of writing a novel… that’s something else entirely. So yeah, those irritate me, too. Roll up the sleeves, brush off the keyboard, and WRITE for your living, if that’s what you choose.

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  2. I have an acquaintance from college who started a gofundme to pay for her rent, travel, and food expenses so that she could “move to New York City and live out her dream of being a novelist!” She didn’t even have any job prospects at that point *and* she thought asking for $1000 was enough to put a dent in NYC expenses. Ha. I also love how she thought that NYC is the only place one can become a novelist.

    It’s terribly entitled. Write a damn good novel and maybe I’ll buy it, promote it, and/or review it – that’s how I’ll support a writer’s career. That’s how I’ll invest in a person’s talent. Kickstartering a specific project is acceptable, if you’re looking for some extra money to buy a nice cover, editor, or promo package (plus, Kickstartering a book is basically just taking pre-orders, so your donors are actually getting something in return). Asking for starving artist money is not.

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    • What in the world? I hope she raised no money at all. I knew when you labeled her an acquaintance that it had to be a ridiculous story. People can be so clueless sometimes.


  3. I hae not com across this. Yet. It sounds pretty outrageous though. Even if a person writes a novel and it is relatively successful, how much money do think that book will make? It could take three or four novels before an author can be financially successful. And if you are an independent author it could take much longer. You know who makes Stephen King money? Stephen King.


  4. I have absolutely no pity for these people and get frustrated every time I see a blogger or wanna-be post anything like this. No, I will NOT donate out of my hard earned pittance of a salary when there is no reason you couldn’t be out working yourself. From all of us writers working full-time jobs, with another two or three on the side, and still managing to work towards our dream… shame on you.

    p.s. I watched Catching Fire twice this weekend. Twice! I couldn’t help myself.


  5. Funny enough just before reading this, I had just finished reading a blog that asked for money for their next upcoming novel. This blogger had also wrote on a previous entry that WordPress was taking much of their time that they couldn’t manage a job. Then to say they chose to pursue their Dream of writing, but that bills are due and wondered if anyone would be willing to donate. I just pressed like as well as 40 other people, but Thankfully it isn’t linked to PayPal. I personally, would be too embarrassed to ask for money especially from people I don’t know. I feel it takes people with a certain type of personality trait to be able to ask for money. Call it pride, but I would rather bust my ass and bleed to death while doing it, then ask anyone for money… unfortunately like everything, it becomes about money.

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  6. This guy charges for reblogs? That’s terrible – that’s anti the whole point of the blogging/ interracting/ getting to know people ethos.
    I’ve been following a blogger who I will not mention, but she recently asked people to give her money to support her blogging- ‘If you like this blog and want to see it continue…’ Now, she’s only a teenager, at college and has health problems which means she can’t hold down full time work, so I see it’s a different situation. But my gut instinct was – ‘Damn cheek!’ There’s too much free content out there for any of us to think we’re that special – I can’t see many people wanting to support someone to blog full time when you can just do a quick search and find the next blogger doing a similar thing.
    As you say, get some work with Huffpost etc, work your tale off trying to be a freelancer. Don’t come begging for cash from your followers – you won’t find any here.

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    • You’re right. But if I’m not mistaken, he has like 90,000 followers or something. So there’s a real audience there. But yes, paying someone to blog is crazy unless it’s a major company doing it.

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      • Isn’t it possible to ‘buy’ followers, too? I’m sure someone told me that, though I don’t see the point, as if they’re not real followers, they won’t view any posts etc. I suppose it looks good on your stats, though.
        Of course, I’m not for one second suggesting that this chap has done that- I’m just saying πŸ™‚


  7. Oh my gosh, I so totally agree with this post! I had a niece from my ex-husband’s side who refused to work for “the man”, but had no problem asking for money and/or a place to stay from those of us who did….


  8. I completely agree with this post and was thinking about this topic some time ago! I think it’s okay to donate and support a project that you know you will see, enjoy, or be able to use in the near future. But to support someone’s lifestyle, I disagree. Why don’t these writers put ads on their website, or better yet, produce a quality book or product that people will want to put their money into?


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