The Dedication Page (an update)

Last week I posted about the dedication pages in books. It ended up being even better received than I expected. In that post (which you can view here) I talked about the dedication pages in books I’ve read. And I mentioned that I had yet to come across any really memorable ones. Well that changed just a few nights ago. I even took a picture of the actual dedication because it hit me so hard. Let me show you.20150626_003337The above dedication is from Marcus Luttrell’s Lone Survivor. Yes, Mark Wahlberg starred in the movie adaptation. Guys, when I read this for the first time I had tears in my eyes. I’ve seen the movie, which is what prompted me to buy the book, so I know a little about what happened. I imagine that I’ll know a little more once I finish reading. But read that. Just read it. I’m not going to sit here and say that you SHOULD feel something when you read that, but I know I did. This is the only dedication I’ve ever read from a book that will likely stay with me for the rest of my life. And that’s not an exaggeration.

Sorry guys, I know this isn’t really new content. I really just had to share it.

You can read more about the events that are chronicled in the book here.

Tell me what you think of that dedication up there. I know you have to be thinking something.

On this day in 2014 I published “Write What you Know” or “Write What you Read”.



25 thoughts on “The Dedication Page (an update)

  1. This dedication is a beautiful tribute to the men in this man’s memory. They will always live there and not be forgotten. I always read dedications, because they tell me something personal about the author.


  2. That is indeed a beautiful tribute. That makes me want to check out the book. Thanks for sharing that. I’m following your blog now. I think you have good judgment.


  3. Yes, indeed, it is moving but it also reminds me of the futility of the war in Afghanistan. What is that well known saying: those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it. These young men should have had long and fruitful lives.


  4. Wow. I haven’t seen the movie or read the book, so I’m a little unfamiliar with the plot. It sounds a lot like a real-life Saving Private Ryan though, and that movie is a total tearjerker. What a powerful dedication.


    • It’s a little like it, but different in that in Saving Private Ryan you’re following Tom Hanks pretty much the whole movie. This book is told entirely by Marcus Luttrell.


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