James Patterson Just Dominates Everything

We’ve all at least heard of book trailers, right? Well James Patterson just takes them to a whole new level. To me, book trailers are almost always the same. Book cover. Voice actor saying something relevant to the story. There’s not much else. Sometimes you’ll have the author either in the actual trailer or doing the narration. This is Patterson’s most recent one:

There’s not much to it. It caught my attention, but I’m biased because I very much enjoy reading his Alex Cross novels. So why am I talking about James Patterson dominating anything when this trailer only shows 665 views on YouTube? Because it was on network TV. That’s right, James Patterson’s book trailer was on network TV.

I’d say I’ve seen less than a dozen book trailers ever. Why is that? Mostly because I have no real interest in them, but also because they’re hidden. You can probably find them on YouTube if that’s what you’re looking for, but I’m not.

The point of this post is to say that there are plenty of mega bestselling authors writing today, and I’d never seen any one of them show their book trailer on TV. I think there’s a book thing on C-SPAN or something once a week? And perhaps they show book trailers on there? But I’m talking about channels people actually watch.

Have you ever seen a book trailer on TV? Even if it’s C-SPAN.

On this day in 2014 I published Why I Don’t Write Book Reviews.


11 thoughts on “James Patterson Just Dominates Everything

  1. Now that you mention it, I’ve only seen book trailers for James Patterson and Stephen King. Not many though. Wonder why? Do you think marketers and PR folks think tv watchers aren’t necessarily book readers? Or, is the cost too high and the return too low? How can one measure the success of book trailers? And I actually watch C-SPAN (ok, when I can’t sleep and there’s nothing on but infomercials), but I can’t ever recall seeing book trailers. Anyway, good post to make you go “hmmm…”.


  2. Since I rarely watch TV, I can’t say. Most of the book trailers I’ve seen have been here on WP. Maybe one or two on YouTube or Facebook, but I really don’t watch book trailers that much. This one was pretty good. Short and sweet. With an ominous voice providing the information.


  3. To be honest, I kind of got sick of James Patterson’s Maximum Ride after about the 5th/6th book. It just got too repetative and he uses TOO much sarcastic comedy. I am pretty sarcastic, but I really got sick of it. I haven’t read any of his other books, but apparently they are good. BACK ON TOPIC: Its true, I have never seen any book trailers on the television. You can only seem to find them on Youtube, which is annoying.


    • I’ve only read his Alex Cross series. And I think I got book #8 or #9 today. James Patterson has his critics, but I’ve enjoyed the books I’ve read. Where are you supposed to find book trailers? If finding them on YouTube is annoying.


      • Youtube is the best choice ( since you can’t find them anywhere else) but I would suggest trying to find the offical website. Finding them on YouTube is frustrating becasue the main search results are all fan trailers, and you have to scroll for a while until you actually come across the offical one.


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