Trailer for Netflix’s “Unfortunate” Released

Last year Netflix announced that it would be adapting Lemony Snicket’s bestselling series. After months of silence there’s finally a trailer. Watch.

In just a couple of days the trailer has already garnered nearly two million views. Suffice it to say that people are excited about the upcoming series they’ve heard almost nothing about.

Except the trailer is NOT official. It’s fan made. Netflix has said they had nothing to do with it. Which leads me to believe that we’re still not close to the first season being released on Netflix. But maybe now Netflix will get a little pep in their step after seeing the reaction from this unofficial trailer.

I’ll admit that I watched it the day it came out and I have no interest in the series whatsoever. I’ve never read the books and I didn’t even watch the movie adaptation from about a decade ago. It popped up on Facebook or Twitter, I think.

Are you excited for the series based on Lemony Snicket’s bestselling books? I’m indifferent. But I think I did happen to listen to them in elementary school art class. I think. Also, I’m not sure that “Unfortunate” is the official name of the series.

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10 thoughts on “Trailer for Netflix’s “Unfortunate” Released

  1. I hadn’t heard about that, but I’m certainly am now! I read all the books when I was young and my and my friends even had a make believe game were we were the characters. (I was the baby Sunny) Hopefully when ever it does come out they do a good job with it.


  2. I’m excited! I read the series when I was younger and didn’t like the movie adaptation. I hope the Netflix version is better.


  3. I was very fooled by the trailer. There are just SO MANY details and Easter eggs and perfection of tone there that I didn’t think it could possibly be fan made. I can usually spy fan made trailers because they steal footage from other movies, or the production quality is low…not the case here.

    Disappointed that it’s not real, but the reminder that Netflix is doing this series still has be excited. The books were excellent, and the movie wasn’t bad either. The movie irked me as a child (you know the drill – “they changed stuff from the books!”) but having watched it recently, I appreciate it a lot more. I think the creators did the best job with the source material they could in a <2 hr timeframe.


    • I think I read somewhere that this one had footage from the 2004 movie? I might be mistaken. But something from this trailer is taken from something else. I think. And if I knew anything about the books or movie, I’d comment on the quality, but I don’t.


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