Go Set a Watchman is Finally Here

I remember the day earlier this year when it was announced that a new book would be forthcoming from Harper Lee. I remember because I basically broke the news to my readers. I saw a tweet that morning and posted on here shortly thereafter. But I also remember there being controversy surrounding this new book immediately.

How was it ACTUALLY discovered? Could Harper Lee even sign off on its publication at her age and mental state? How does this book relate to To Kill a Mockingbird? All these questions and so many more that have not really been answered in the months since that day.

Y’all know I don’t read book reviews. I don’t like them. I’m not interested in them. And I don’t typically care what any other person thinks about particular books. But I’ve made an exception to my own rule several times in recent days. I’ve wanted to see what professional reviewers were thinking of Lee’s new book. I imagine many of you have done the same. I’ll share all of my thoughts with y’all once I read the book because I don’t want to alter your thoughts or expectations about it before you even get a chance to read it.

What are your expectations for Go Set a Watchman?

On this day in 2014 I published Take me to the Library.


22 thoughts on “Go Set a Watchman is Finally Here

  1. Mixed. I always wanted to read more from her, but I’m also afraid of what she might have written that could change the special regard I’ve always had for To Kill a Mockingbird. I’ve already heard rumors of who dies and how Scout has changed. I don’t even know if I’ll read it.


  2. I’m not expecting it to be the same caliber as Mockingbird. In fact, I expect the explanations of the characters will cause disappointment to the loyal readers.


  3. Remember everyone this was written first. So it shouldn’t change our opinion of TKAM… it should remind us that revision is what makes writing great!


  4. I still want to read the book besides mixed reviews, but I want to re-read To Kill A Mockingbird first. I was going to re-read it earlier this year to refresh my memory, but other books came first. So I still won’t read Go Set A Watchman until I get to the re-read.


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