STOP! Don’t Give Those Books Away

Late last night (perhaps it was early this morning?) I found out about something I’d not previously been aware of. And it could save you money! You know that really depressing moment you realize you no longer have enough room for your books? Or perhaps that exhaustive feeling after stopping a book before you finish because the story never really grasped you? You know you do. And in both cases you make the decision to give away some books. Maybe to your local library or the Goodwill or a non-profit. But before you do that you may want to keep reading.

Perhaps Paperback Swap is a better alternative. Some initial conditions must be met before you can actually start swapping books with other members, but here’s how it works once the conditions are met. You have a book you’re looking to get rid of. You post it on the site. Someone says they want it. You ship to directly to them. Easy. And as soon as someone gets your book you’re able to get one from someone else. The shipper will always pay for shipping.

And members can also purchase new books at discounted prices from the site.

The obvious downside I’m seeing here is quality. Sure I’ve bought a few used books in recent weeks, but I HATE when people don’t take care of their books before, during, or after reading. And I’m not sure if there’s any way of knowing the condition of the books posted. And if the site is international, then you could potentially see some high shipping costs to ship a single book.

BUT I still think it’s an interesting concept, though I’ll never be using it because I’ve stated a million times that I don’t get rid of books. But I know a number of you do. Do you think you’ll be interested in swapping books any time soon?

You can visit the website here.

29 thoughts on “STOP! Don’t Give Those Books Away

  1. I’ve been using PBS for years and I love it. I don’t mind used books and I’ve never received one that I felt was damaged, though many are well loved. I also don’t ship internationally…I assume if there’s an option for that you select it, to avoid high costs. You can also set conditions, for example, I don’t accept books from a smoking home. Before someone sends me a book, they agree that the book is smoke free. If they do send me a book that don’t meet my conditions, there are ways to dispute. But I’ve had almost no issues with the site over the years.


  2. A roommate a few years back did that. She loved it! However, I can see that if you are particular about the condition of the book, it might pose some problems… πŸ™‚ Thanks for this post! I had forgotten about the existence of this!


  3. John — Thanks for posting about this option. Wouldn’t work very well for me, as my husband and I travel full-time (shipping, picking up mail… all must be carefully planned and scheduled). So what to do with all these books in a small RV? I donate them — RV parks often have book exchanges (usually in the laundry room), and sometimes I run into a bookstore with a swap/credit program where I can re-stock and get credit for the books I have. Someone also suggested donations to hospitals — a great idea, but not one I’ve tried yet. For those of you swapping and shipping the swaps, doesn’t that get old — and how are you sure the receiver pays for the shipping if you have to pay to send it in the first place? Thanks again!


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