Another Dr. Seuss Book is out Today

Dr. Seuss died in 1991. Seven new books have been published under his name since his death. The difference between this situation and what’s going on with Harper Lee is there is no controversy surrounding the release of his books after his death. It probably helps that he’s probably more popular now than he was during his lifetime.

What Pet Should I Get? is his newest book to be released posthumously. If you’re questioning my above statement about his popularity, then let me tell you a fun fact. This new book is currently the top selling book on Amazon. That’s right. It’s outselling Go Set a Watchman.

The main reason I’m writing this today is to talk about his popularity rather than his new book. Is there anyone in America who doesn’t at least know his name? I’ve stated on here several times that I’ve never actually read one of his books, but I could probably name 5+ just off the top of my head. And I’m not the only one. I read from a reputable source that he’s sold more than 450 million books since his death. I mean, holy shit. Wow. That number is simply ridiculous. I’m not sure there’s another author out there who could sell that many books in the first 25 years after his or her death. And there will be even more books forthcoming.

What I want to ask y’all is why you think he’s managed to remain so popular in the two and a half decades since his death. Sure there are some authors who will always sell books no matter how long it’s been since their death, but he’s basically outselling all living authors right now besides the handful of mega bestsellers! How? Someone enlighten me because I’m really curious.

You can view the Amazon product page for the new book here.

On this day in 2014 I published United Way’s Reading Together Program.


32 thoughts on “Another Dr. Seuss Book is out Today

  1. Never read a Dr. Seuss book? Do yourself a favor and plop down in the children’s section of a book store and read a few – they are insane and amazing and embody the nonsensical chaos of a child’s mind.

    Even as an adult “The Places You’ll Go” and “The Sneetches” are worth a look.

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  2. Dr. Seuss’s work was fun, whimsical and it showed kids that reading and writing could take them farther than the physically possible. It sparked imaginations, and it makes for stories this generation of kids will pass on to the next, and the next, and so on.


  3. His books are the perfect books for kids (or anyone, if you enjoy crazy, nonsensical things, like I do), so there’s that factor. I loved it when my mom read them to me, and I love reading them to my little sister. They’re just really fun. 🙂

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  4. I used to have a huge book filled with his stories that I’d read a lot. I think they’re different from a lot of other books out there so they grab people’s attention and manage to hold it. They’re easy for kids who are learning to read, they’re imaginative, and have a heart to them. I haven’t read one in years, but I still remember the ones I did read almost perfectly. And I still find myself watching the Grinch special on TV every year. They just never leave you.


  5. I think that because fantasy books have been so huge lately, people are more willing to overlook the silliness of his words (which are pure genius, by the way) and buy his books for them and their kids. I’ve also read that his widow is quite strict on what she allows to be done to her late husband’s works. I believe she vetoed certain film rights because previous Seuss movies hadn’t done the author and the books justice. If the late Dr. Seuss has such a stalwart champion still living and doing their best to honor his memory and his wishes, then it’s no surprise how popular he’s become since his death.


  6. His imagination, the rhyming words, the nonsense but still deep values that gives to any reader are what make him one of my favourite authors ( consider that English is not even my first language!)


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