July, oh, July

July was an odd month. It was my worst month in terms of views in about a year and easily my worst of 2015. But the comments and Likes were only slightly below what I’ve come to expect. At first I thought my views were down because of it being summer over here, but the reasoning behind a bit of a slow month isn’t relevant. It happened and I kind of gave up about midway through the month because it was just not happening. Now for some stats. Previous record is in parenthesis.

Posts: 31 (31)

Likes: 782 (837)

Comments: 855 (2121)

Followers: 3152

Books Read: 1 (4)

Poems: 0 (2)

YouTube Videos: 2 (3)

The numbers aren’t bad overall. I still wish I knew why the views were way down for the month. Hopefully August can be a bit of a rebound. I am disappointed that I only managed to read the one book. I kind of attribute that to the book I’m reading now. It hasn’t sucked me in and makes me not want to read. But eh. I’m finishing it today and I’ll have my first book of August out of the way.

Also, my goal for the rest of the year is to read at least eight books a month. It sounds like a lot when I’ve only read three in the past two months combined, but I need to really go after my personal record and goal for the year. Reading eight each month would put me right there on the doorstep. And it’d give me an opportunity to keep making videos. I’m not worried about views on YouTube. I’ve already grown to enjoy the video making process.

Now for some posts.

Top Post

How Many Books Have you Bought This Year?

Favorite Post

Why you Need Half Price Books in Your Life

Post you may Have Missed

If you Could | Book Tag

I’m just a little bit surprised by the top post of the month. On the second of the month I wrote a post about acquiring the rest of the Harry Potter series and it had been the leader in the clubhouse for the entire month, but it was ultimately beaten by one view.

I think that’s all. As always, feel free to tell me about your month in the comments. My only real goal for August is that it be better than July.

On this day in 2014 I published Saturday Selects: How do you perceive law enforcement?.


50 thoughts on “July, oh, July

  1. I wouldn’t worry too much about the lower views. Personally, I think it’s because so many people were on vacation this month. Almost every day, I’d see a blogging post about someone or other returning from vacation and that’s why they hadn’t posted or been on WP.
    As for my month, blogging-wise I was a loser. I think I only blogged once or twice, and it was at the beginning of the month. Yeesh! I honestly didn’t realize how much time had gone by by the time I reviewed my last post.
    Writing-wise I finished my current re-write of my book, sent it back to my editing buddy and am now polishing it for my second attempt at querying agents. I also thought of one new book idea and continued adding a little to a couple other WIPs.
    I think I only read about 8 books this month, which is a little low for me, but I hope to pick back up since I’m nearly done with my book.
    I also read and edited two books for other writers, reviewed and edited a prologue for a blogging buddy, and have another short-story to comment on in the lists. So despite my blogging woes, I’ve been keeping busy.


  2. That’s a shame that you didn’t have as many views as all the other months in the year! I have a feeling its due to so many people going on vacations and what not. Summer shenanigans and all.
    I hope you can get around to reading eight books a month! I know people who can read almost 20 in a month (crazy people, I’m jealous) so 8 is achievable in comparison.


    • I think you’re probably right. They need to get back from their vacations and on to WordPress! And yes, anyone who reads 20 books in a month is out if their mind! 😂 My best month ever that I know if was 12.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Ok, ok… phew! Neil’s stories have a magical quality which I like, but I get it if it’s not your cup of tea. Who’s your favorite author? I’ll see if I can squeeze it in my right books this month.


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