Which Book Should I Read Next? #3

This question is really, “Which book should I make a video about next?” I’ve previously done this post twice before and both times I was asking y’all to tell me which book I should read next from the Amazon list from four randomly selected books I’d chosen. But now I’m making videos on a consistent basis and will definitely be making one for whichever book y’all choose. But this time I’m asking y’all to pick from the books I already have rather than directly from the list itself.

Feel free to tell me how you vote and why you voted the way you did.

PS: My video for Fahrenheit 451 will be up on Thursday!

Also, I’ve created a new page on here called BookTube Channel. Every time I upload a new video I’ll also put it on the page.

10 thoughts on “Which Book Should I Read Next? #3

  1. I’d like to see what you made of Great Expectations. There’s a lot to admire about it – moody crims, mysterious fortunes, barking mad jilted women wandering around in their wedding dresses – but I found some of the characters soooooo annoying, I could’ve thrown’em on the fire with Miss Haversham.
    Look forward to seeing what you think.

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  2. A Wrinkle in Time is one of those books that impacted me quite a lot as a child. And it’s first line pokes fun at the whole “It was a dark and stormy night” line. Which I found hilarious!
    And there were a lot of y’alls in this post today. Nothing wrong with it, it was just something I picked up on. Feeling particularly southern today, eh?? šŸ™‚


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