New Donald Trump Biography Rushed to Print


I don’t need to mention any of the ridiculous things he’s said in recent weeks. Because I already wrote about him as a presidential candidate here. But now word has gotten out that a Trump biography originally planned for a January release will reach readers much sooner, in October.

Am I surprised by this? Of course not. He’s in the headlines right now. I bet the publisher (Thomas Dunne) would have released it this coming week if it could have been done. I’m not faulting anyone for this decision. It’s just a little surprising to me to see how many people are actually interested in this guy. Granted, many of those people are just waiting to see what idiotic thing he says next. But still.

So this new book will come out a few months early and be a surefire bestseller. Nothing surprising there. But it’s just a biography. It has nothing to do with what’s going on at the moment in the GOP presidential race, except for a release date. Oh well. Donald Trump is taking over our lives. Ha! No.

Do you have any interest in this new biography of Trump? You already know my answer to the question.

On this day in 2014 I published Ever Been to an Author Signing?.


18 thoughts on “New Donald Trump Biography Rushed to Print

  1. oh, brother. didn’t know about this book. I’d wager the bio will as shallow, self-serving and juvenile as he is. he has the attention span of a horsefly. he’s such a jerk.


  2. What will be even more disheartening is to see how many books will sell thus adding more to his millions. And all the while legitimate authors can’t even get their work looked at.


  3. I’m not a fan of biographies in general, so, no, I won’t read it. I think most people view/read/contemplate Trump like they do reality TV shows. They’re just so terrible that you can’t look away! (I hate reality TV, by the way, so I CAN look away).


  4. The best method of choice would be to sit outside my local bookstore with a large group of Trump haters and refuse to let the shipments in.


  5. Oh, wow. I didn’t even know there was a book coming out… Should of guessed the least. So does this mean you wont be voting for him?! Haha. I’m ever so slightly curious as to what will be written about him, but it’s probably all very predictable and not even worth a glance at.


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