Day 1 at Half Price Books is Done!

Yesterday was my first day working at Half Price Books. Let me tell you about it.

First off, I’m pretty sure my store has ALL THE BOOKS. They’re everywhere. I’m not talking about on the shelves for people to buy. I’m talking about everywhere else! It’s kinda crazy and cool at the same time. And I never realized how much easier it is to find a particular book when you’re just shopping on your own than it is when you’ve got a dozen more to put on the shelf. Everyone there is a pro! Seriously. I felt like the rookie my whole shift.

Mostly I got to shelve some paperbacks and play around just a teeny bit on the computer. And I had a handful of customers ask me where to find items. I tried my best to help them, but I’m still learning the store and had to hand off a couple. I also realized that the store sells plenty of movies, music, and games that I hadn’t previously known about. Y’all know I love me some country music, TV, and books. This is the perfect place for me to be working.

The best part is that I had to ask the other workers a lot of questions and they were always eager to help. That probably doesn’t sound like much, but it’s not something everyone gets to have. Unfortunately, I don’t think I remembered all the names I learned today. But I’ll learn them. Hopefully.

And look at what I got today! So nice and shiny!
IMG_20150812_123228Tell me about your most recent first day on the job. Unless it was horrible, then make something up you writer, you.


22 thoughts on “Day 1 at Half Price Books is Done!

  1. It’s priceless to have a job you love! I’ve often thought I would like to work at Half Price Books one day, but I would starve to death due to spending my whole paycheck in there! 😳

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  2. I’m so jealous–I would love to work at half-price books! And I think people don’t always realize how amazing it is to have eager-to-help coworkers, until they don’t have them. I’m glad your first day was so great!


  3. I felt the same way during my first shift as a library page way back when. The books were almost overwhelming. But in time I got it down so that finding anything for a patron was old hat, along with pointing out other stuff they might have missed. Set my educational path. Got a degree in Library Science, and though I work in a bank now, I massively miss the stacks.


    • I still don’t know the store all that well. But hopefully I’ll learn relatively quickly. So you sent to grad school to be a librarian, then never became one? Kinda like me and this criminal Justice degree I have.

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      • I spent 10 years working in libraries before and while getting my degree. Graduated and spent 10 months as a librarian before being fired. Haven’t worked in libraries since. Miss it some days.

        Then I get to swim in the money vault like Scrooge McDuck. 😀


  4. Congrats on your first day! And there’s nothing wrong with feeling like a rookie. Especially if you are the rookie in this case.
    My first day of my latest travel assignment wasn’t all that great, so, let’s see… I traveled to work on my flying blue unicorn, and he went and doused local fires while I was on the job. I had delicious razzleberry jam on toast for lunch, and all my co-workers loved me. I saved my boss’s life by advising him against buying a great white shark as a pet, and then was air-lifted home again by Clebert, my blue flying unicorn. There, I spent the night petting Clebert and watching old Disney movies while enjoying a large tub of rainbow colored popcorn. Yum!!
    How’d I do?


  5. Not a bad first day at all and love the tag–I completely agree with the statement. Now you make me want to visit the Half Price Books in my area. It’s a little far off, but I’m sure it will be worth the trip 🙂


  6. So glad you had a great first day! It really seems like you have all of the proponents to go far in this company! I’ve had far too many first days at jobs and not many of them have gone without making some mistake. So, with that said Ill just stick to offering my congratulations! 🙂


  7. That’s awesome! I’m glad you had an awesome first day. I find particular interest in reading this because of my dream to work in a bookstore! It sounds like a great job! I hope you get the hang of it in the next shift or so! There’s probably so much for you to discover in that store!


    • There is! I’m just a little speck in that entertainment world known as Half Price Books. 😂 If you never get to work in a bookstore it’ll be because you own one! You like books as much as anyone I know.

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