Writing Pet Peeves #11: Sarcasm

This is something that seriously bugs me like no other. When you’re having a nice lighthearted conversation with someone through text on any platform and then you say something sarcastic, and they suddenly think you’re the worst person in the world for what you’ve just said. People sometimes say that sarcasm doesn’t transfer well through text, but no. It transfers just fine.

What happens through text is people acting like they have no idea what’s going on and start responding with “okay” or any sad faced emoji. It’s annoying and it’s the kind of thing to just make me think I’d be better off talking to someone else who catches every sarcastic remark and tosses one back. Or that I’d be better off just not talking to you. Sarcasm isn’t some secret language that is overly difficult to understand, so stop acting like it is.

On this day in 2014 I published Writing by Hand.

23 thoughts on “Writing Pet Peeves #11: Sarcasm

  1. It has happened to me also…I’m sure it may be a culture thing. When I’m in South America, good old fashion banter, sarcasm, and verbal jousting is embraced and fun. Depending on your audience, here in America people are very sensitive, lest you somehow have ‘insulted’ them. they just don’t understand conversation fun.


    • Well I’m mostly talking about people I know. Like Twitter or WordPress or just old fashioned texting. Obviously it’s different if you’re in a different part of the world or talking to someone completely unfamiliar with you.

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