Reading With Music

I don’t see how someone would want to read while listening to music, but then I realized that my store is always playing music like any other business and people are obviously reading in there.

I mean, I guess any instrumental kind of music would be okay, but anything with words just seems like a distraction to me. You’ll be reading a sentence and then your favorite part of the song comes on and suddenly you’re book is on the floor and you’re standing on your bed singing like you’re some sort of rockstar. Oh, I’m the only one who might do that? *blushes*

Music can always be a distraction if you’re listening to something you know well and you’re trying to focus on something else. At least that’s what I think. Driving. Reading. Writing. Cooking. Anything, really.

Do you read with music playing?

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46 thoughts on “Reading With Music

  1. Actually I do, but I keep the music way down so I can barely hear it (If it is music with vocals). I do like listen to classical instrumentals or nature sounds (Most times without music attached … IE waterfalls, rain storms, ocean etc.)


  2. i personally don’t but i think its possible depending on acculturation of your brain, the wiring in different people’s brain is wild i know a girl who gets distracted by silence and has to boom music to get assignments done so it really does depend….


  3. when I read I like a background sound, white noise. A fan is perfect or some type of motorized sound. Complete silence doesn’t work because there’s too much chatter…


  4. You’re supposed to listen to instrumental music that you’ve never heard before since your mind won’t do the “I love this part!”. I usually listen to the “deep focus” playlist on spotify when reading or doing homework, blocks out my distracting fan.


  5. I used listen to music while doing homework until I realized how distracted I became ><. I never listened to music while reading but I bet that I would also be distracted by it also.

    Haha, you aren't the only one! We can be rockstars together!


  6. I can never read while listening to songs with words. I can hardly read with instrumental music! Just like you I end up dropping my book and starting up a dorky little concert in my room with myself as the performer. (Embarrassing.)


  7. I don’t choose to read with music on, but can focus enough to read in the same room as someone watching a TV programme I’m not interested in. Definitely need quiet for writing, though. And that’s in pretty short supply here too. Tried to cover up drilling/car noise etc with classical music once, but found I was listening for aprticular sections, drifting off.
    Silence would be good. Maybe a city wide ban on noise pollution while I’m writing?


  8. It depends. Am I beta/pre-reading? Is it for my enjoyment? Is it for a review? Am I actually writing?
    I’ll listen to music sometimes when I’m reading for my own enjoyment. It helps me to relax even further.
    If I need to concentrate and form an opinion about the book I don’t because it does distract me and I may miss some important message the story was trying to impart or a glaring spelling/grammar/continuity error which would make the author look foolish if one of the other readers didn’t catch it.
    If I’m writing I usually don’t because of the distraction but sometimes my brain needs the distraction in order to see what my muse is feeding me *shrug*.


  9. I never read with music on it’s too distracting and when I am forced to write with music on (like the cafe I’m in is playing it too loud) I find the lyrics turn up in my story and I have to go back and fix it. bleh. As far as concerts go….yesterday in the car my husband started talking politics and I didn’t want to so I turned up the radio and started singing along to Saturday Night Fever complete with hand movements. Was extra funny because I was the one driving.


  10. I don’t do anything without music on, reading, writing, cooking – anything. Not nice soothing music either! Put me in a silent room and I’d be climbing the walls within 5 mins! I guess we’re all different!


  11. I sometimes do, but then the lyrics of the song have to be in another language than the book I’m reading. That way, I don’t get distracted by the sung words in the background.


  12. Oh man, I totally jam out when I’m alone. You’d never guess it to look at me, but I’ll dance around singing as loud as I can. I call it practice for my vocal training. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    And no, I can’t read with music on unless it’s instrumental or very, very soft. Because I’m such a music nut, I get too into it when it’s playing, especially if there are words.

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