Tom Brady Creates a Bestseller

If you know anything about sports, then you know the NFL season starts tonight. And you also know that Tom Brady’s suspension from Deflategate has been vacated.

But you may not know that he’s been reading a self help book to get through the legal and appeals processes. That book is now a bestseller.

We know this happens. If a well liked, well known celebrity becomes interested in or attached to something, then their fans typically will too. Just think Oprah.

There’s nothing wrong with this phenomenon. And it’s to be expected. And I’ll never have an issue with an author reaching a greater audience. And I think deep down we’d all like to have that kind of influence. Imagine writing your little blog post about something and knowing there’s a high probability that hundreds, thousands, or hundreds of thousands of people will not only see it, but will immediately become interested in the topic because of your words.

What do you think? Heard anything about Tom Brady’s new favorite self help book?

Sorry for the late post again! I was distracted once again today. Whoops.

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