Is There a Proper Look for Writers?

I’m no expert on anything, especially writing-related. But have you ever heard someone say “____ doesn’t look like a writer.”? There are some things this definitely applies to, but being a writer isn’t one of them.

For instance, a guy came in my store yesterday who was right at seven feet tall. He didn’t “look” like a basketball player, he was one. No doubt about it. But do we have a specific “look” for police officers? Or for lawyers? Maybe doctors? Dentists? Small business owners? No to all of those? Well why is there some “look” writers need to have? It’s ridiculous. And what the heck is this “look” anyway? Bags under their eyes because they obviously don’t get enough sleep. Messy hair because they don’t care about physical appearance when they’re actively writing the next bestseller. What else?

Let’s make this game now. To you, what does a writer look like? To me, a writer looks just like the rest of us.

On this day in 2014 I published Millennials Read More Than You.


14 thoughts on “Is There a Proper Look for Writers?

  1. I often think the “look” people are referring to is a “scholarly” type of appearance. Glasses. Tweed jacket with leather elbow patches. Or maybe a wool skirt with a high button collar.

    Maybe there should also be a saying “Don’t judge a writer by their pajama pants and messy hair.”

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  2. A thermos of coffee in each hand. Always seeking MORE COFFEE! I don’t know… I just think it’s funny how writers are somehow for some reason required to be obsessed with coffee. Otherwise, well, I guess you’re not a true writer. Bummer for me the coffee-hater. 😜


  3. Definitely don’t like the idea of people having certain “looks” that correspond to their personality or their career. It seems like another form of stereotyping to me! And I especially don’t like the “bags under their eyes they must not get enough sleep” one! (only because I personally have naturally horrible dark under eyes that make me look slightly zombie-like).


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