Here we go Again

Not that anything ever changed to begin with, but I’m sitting here trying to come up with something to blog about, right? Something half-interesting. And I come across an article on Huffington Post titled “25 Books Every Man Should Read”. Did I read the article? No. But I bet I know the basic premise. These must-reads for men would likely make me more attractive to women. They’d give me some kind of business edge. They’d give me an idea as to what it’s like in the great outdoors. They’d somehow make me a better man.

What a fucking joke.

Books every teen should read before beginning college. Books every man should read. Books every introvert should read. Books every sports fan should read. Books every entrepreneur should read. I’m sick of all these damn lists. Sick of them. Come up with some decent topics, damn it.

5 thoughts on “Here we go Again

  1. How about top 20 for the sci-fi lover or the fantasy lover or the romance lover? 😀
    Or top 10 books whose movies were better than the books.
    Or To 10 cook books of all time.
    *shrug* They’re always going to be out there, the books and lists that don’t interest us, but, you see, they do interest me because I get a giggle out of them, lol. Sometimes that’s why I read my spam, I get a giggle out of the horrible English and the way they have absolutely no idea what makes any of us tick or want to click that link (which could conceivably take us to our true love or some shit but actually installs some sort of spyware or maleware on our computers)


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