Stay Away Genres

Don’t confuse this with me asking you to tell me which genres you think are “worse” than others. Because I don’t believe that to be the case with any two genres. Think of this as genres that you simply don’t read.

I have many to choose from. Literary fiction. Sci-fi. Fantasy. YA. Horror. And probably a bunch I can’t think of. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with any of these. I just don’t have any interest in reading them. I mean, I’ve read from all of those at least once. And I’m sure I’ve read good books in each one, but my reading heart and soul will likely always lie in crime fiction. There are so many crime shows on TV that do absolutely no justice to the genre. They always have the right answer. They catch on to things that no one else would. They solve EVERY case. One of my favorite things about crime fiction is that it’s much more realistic even though it is also fiction. The detectives are constantly torn about what to do. They don’t solve every case. They don’t have every answer.

Crime shows are always going to be on the air. And I’m sure they make their networks plenty of money. But crime fiction is simply better, and I don’t think any other genre is going to be taking my top spot any time soon. Probably not ever.

Do you have any genres that you just have no interest in reading?

On this day in 2014 I published Everyone has That one Novel in Them…Or do They?.


28 thoughts on “Stay Away Genres

  1. I typically don’t read anything marketed as romance. If it’s going to be all about sex and how Mr. and Mrs. Right inevitably end up together, I’m not interested. Give me adventure and hardship and passion and a pinch of magic!


  2. I write what I enjoy reading and pay little to no attention to current trends and fads. I like Sci-Fi and Adventure, with an eclectic smattering of others depending on what I’m in the mood for.


  3. Romance, horror, most if not all biographies, anything slapsticky, and (sorry, John) crime fiction. I will read *certain* murder mysteries and such, but I steer clear of crime fiction.
    Fantasy is my genre, and kids’ books. 😜


  4. I like genre-bending works, and genres always tend to surprise me. I could say I hate westerns, but I enjoyed True Grit. I could say I hate romance, but I enjoyed The Time Traveler’s Wife.

    I don’t tend to like international biographies/memoirs though. I say “international,” because those are almost always about being a victim of a poor nation in the time of war/genocide/refugees, and that backdrop almost always removes agency from the characters. Same with any historical stories about The Great Depression. You just spend 300 pages suffering with people and then it ends ambiguously.


  5. I am terribly scared of reading horror. I get horrible paranoia at night after watching horror movies and the same goes for reading so I tend to stay away from that. Also crime is a genre I will never read because I have no interest in it whatsoever.


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