On Reading Bestsellers

Have you ever met someone who only read bestsellers? Or perhaps someone who refuses to do so. I believe I’ve interacted with people on both sides of the question. And neither position makes any sense whatsoever to me.

Let’s start with person #1. Only reads bestsellers. Which means they likely spend more on each book than the rest of us. And they read a pretty small number of authors. Doesn’t really matter to me, but I think they’d quickly adopt the mindset that the books and authors they read are inherently better than everything else. I mean, obviously they’re bestsellers for a reason. Which is downright ridiculous. We all know that sales numbers don’t really reflect the quality of the book. There are some extraordinary books appearing on bestseller lists and not.

Now on to person #2. Doesn’t read bestsellers. They’ve essentially taken the notion that bestsellers aren’t very good books to a whole new level. We know not ALL bestsellers are good books. We get it. But to say that no bestseller is a good book (or to think it) is pretty outrageous. Sorry, Mrs. Rowling. Your books suck. It’s easy to toss around names like E.L. James or Stephenie Meyer as prime examples of this, but shall we start throwing in Stephen King and Margaret Atwood too? No. Of course not.

Both positions are going way too far in their positions. If you want to read bestsellers, then read them. If you don’t, then don’t. But don’t sit there and act like whatever you read is somehow better than EVERYTHING else out there. It isn’t.

What’s your take on reading bestsellers?

PS: I’m not even going to apologize anymore for my sporadic posting times. I can’t do anything about it. I’ll be replying to LOTS of comments when I have time later tonight.

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17 thoughts on “On Reading Bestsellers

  1. I agree with this. Disregarding something just because of how popular it is (or not) really narrows down the wonderful things in the world. It’s the same with music and movies. Each piece of art should be regarded in it’s own right and not be set aside just because it’s popular (or not.)


  2. I think we finally agree on something :).
    There are some really great books on the best seller’s list sometimes, at least IMO, and then other times I wouldn’t touch the internet page the list is written on with a ten foot pole!
    As for sporadic posting times…why not take a mini vacay until the issue is resolved? Not that I don’t enjoy reading your opinion and, more often than not, disagreeing with you or confusing your and thoroughly enjoying your forth rightness and ability to put thoughts into words in less than 3 pages because I do enjoy all that :).
    Sometimes we need to take a ‘me’ day or a mental health day and just relax, it does a body good.


  3. Oh my gosh! People do this? How weird. — Best seller, not a best seller… either way, if it looks interesting or it’s an author I like, I’m going to read it. — You’re absolutely right though. Some best seller’s are good, some are bad. The same thing goes for books that are not best sellers… a mix of good and bad. — I thought that was pretty much like a common sense thing. Lol… apparently I have no idea what’s going on in the world.


  4. So I don’t discount a book because of it’s popularity or lack there of, however…If someone really pushes for me to read a book, I totally get my hackles up and will not read it ever. I’ve had people buy me books because they wanted me to read them soooo badly. Yep, sold them to the used book store unread. I’m stubborn. LOL


  5. I love a hype! I ashamedly read fifty shades bc of it (I thought it was crap) but I still read all 3. I couldn’t ignore Gone Girl bc of the upcoming movie release and again, wasn’t thrilled and the same with a few others. Normally I’m reading everything, from no name indie authors to “nationwide” best sellers. In my unprofessional reading experience, I’m usually not impressed with the best sellers as much as when I find an undiscovered gem. But again, it’s in my personality to see what everyone else is reading and why. I’ve also found that sometimes the masses have strange tastes.


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