Uh Oh

That uh oh is for two reasons. First, my lack of posting or reading any blogs. Second, because Half Price Books is forcing more books upon me.

When I started working there last month I saw that other workers had a bunch of books on their stash shelves (they’re basically a holding shelf.) It’s where we put books/movies/games we may want to buy in the future. Some of the shelves are overflowing with things. Of course they aren’t all new, but they’re from the store.

I was of the opinion that I wouldn’t hardly use mine at all. Then I saw Mockingjay for $3. Then I saw The Perks of Being a Wallflower for the same price. And Gone Girl. These aren’t necessarily books I was planning on getting soon, but when you see that price you gotta act. I’ve since added several more. And it’s essentially become a weekly thing. Finding some book that I’m interested in or have known about for a long time and then putting it on my shelf.

Half Price Books is forcing me to buy more books when I’m not even reading any. I hate it. And love it at the same time. Ha. No question today because none of y’all are going to see this anyway. Just a slight update.

17 thoughts on “Uh Oh

  1. I’m like that with Kindle, if it’s on sale, look out! My TBR pile could rival the Empire State Building for height, I’m sure, and I still buy more. Oh well, if we ever get hit by the zombie apocalypse I’m good to go, 🙂


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