Would you let Someone Title Your Book?

Ever heard of an author named Christian Platt? No? Me neither. But he’s doing something interesting at the moment. He’s asking people to name his new book. Anyone can submit a title. What’s your incentive? You get a credit in the book and you get $100 worth of books. But not by way of an Amazon or Barnes and Noble gift card, he’s giving you his previous books that he says are valued that high.

On the post I only saw eight comments. So I think he might be just as much of a nobody as me. But if you really want people to take this kind of thing seriously, then I’d say there’s gotta be real incentive. And in this case there isn’t.

But back to my original question. Would I do this? No. Not ever. Is it supposed to build hype or give other people the chance to feel “involved” in the process of making this book a reality? I don’t know. But book titles are the first thing people see when they come across your book (unless you’re immensely popular and they only see your name.) Letting just any person do it doesn’t seem like the best decision.

Would you ever let someone else title your next book?

16 thoughts on “Would you let Someone Title Your Book?

  1. The only people that I would let give input into a book title would be an agent, editor, or publisher. Someone who is closely acquainted with my book and may be able to offer helpful suggestions. Last year I asked people on WP which title they liked best, and it wasn’t helpful at all, so no more of that. I changed it a million times after that, anyways.


  2. How does he decide who wins? Does he just pick the answer out of a hat? What if all the suggestions are rubbish? Will he renege on his promise?
    And no, you’re right – you should only take advice on titles from publishing professionals, not random people online


  3. I asked my betas if they thought the title I picked was a good one. I think all of them thought it was fine. But that’s as far as I go. If someone had a good suggestion, I might listen, but I certainly wouldn’t put myself in a position where I HAD to accept someone else’s. Especially because it sounds like his fans haven’t read the book, so they’re only going to be titling it based on the summary.


    • They haven’t. He gives them the first chapter or something. I think asking if the title is a good one is a good idea. You could think it’s a nice one and then have ten people all tell you it sounds like it belongs in another genre.


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