Places in Books

Do you read stories mostly set in one city? I don’t. If I had to guess I’d say I’ve read the most books set in Boston. Followed closely by Los Angeles. They could be switched. I’ve also read books set in Chicago, Michigan, New York, Atlanta, and Alaska that I know off the top of my head.

This isn’t about where the books you read take place. I’m wondering if you’ve ever read a book set someplace you’ve never been and wanted to visit after your reading. I pretty much want to go everywhere imaginable. But no books are the reason for that. I’ve just been stuck in one place the last (almost) 24 years.

Ever read a book and felt the need to book a trip shortly thereafter?

12 thoughts on “Places in Books

  1. I went on a road trip through the Wild West this summer and was especially taken with Wyoming and Montana. I started to read the Joe Pickett series by C J Box and I think you will like that too. Kind of a combination of Alex Cross and Elvis Cole. There is also a Joe Pike as well. And it is so rooted in the place and gets the spirit of the the big skies and mountains there.


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