Amy Schumer’s Got Some Good Luck

In 2012 she signed a book deal with HarperCollins for $1 million. Back then she wasn’t the star she is today. It was set to be a book of essays that never really transpired. She ultimately decided to return her advance to the publisher to cancel the contract last year.

Fast forward to 2015. There was recently an auction for her book and guess what it sold for? $8 million. Yikes. She’s had quite a bit of success in the last two calendar years and now she’s on everyone’s radar. The reason for originally canceling the previous contract was that she was simply too busy to focus on it. She wasn’t trying to play some game with the publisher, although she did get them to match another offer. She wasn’t even betting that she could get a larger sum of money. Now this auction happened.

I’m honestly not a fan of hers and have no idea what her Comedy Central show is like, but I do know her name. And I imagine many people know much more than that. So good for her. Not that she needs any money, but she’s gone about the whole thing pretty well if you ask me.

Are you familiar with her work? Interested in her forthcoming book?

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