Disney Creates 3D Coloring Books

Disney is usually ahead of the curve. Always on the cutting edge. They’re invent and adapt as well as any major company. Now they’ve moved to coloring books.

Probably doesn’t seem too important, but it’s still a rather interesting concept they’ve come up with.

Kids can be coloring in their figure or character on the page and see it moving in real time as it’s being colored in. How cool is that? I mean, these adult coloring books never got me wanting to color some more, but I wouldn’t mind coloring in Mickey and seeing him as I color. I don’t know how advanced the technology really is, but it’s still really cool nonetheless.

What do you think of these 3D coloring books?

7 thoughts on “Disney Creates 3D Coloring Books

  1. I think these will be incredible and can’t wait until they become available! I will definitely be picking some up for my children ! Thank you for writing an awesome post and letting me know of these 3D colouring books! (:


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